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BPAL Madness!

Ein Kuss von Krampus

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A black based multichrome that will shift from red to gold to bronze to green in different lighting and angles.

Origin: Straight from the Post

Initial Thoughts: I have a wonderful black microglitter from an Etsy supplier that is almost gone. I love how the sun will wake up a rainbow in the smooth black and wanted this to be a replacement.

In the Bottle: Shimmery fine purple glitter. Interesting.

One Coat: Now we have an inky black base that is smooth as glass. But we also have microglitter that is very red and copper - I'm not seeing much green as I wave my hands around. A skilled hand could make one coat of this work.


Two Coats: Still that glassy black obsidian base with the copper/bronze/red effect.


Verdict: It's a gorgeously high quality polish. I might use one bottle, but I'm not sure I'd use two. This feels like an autumn/Halloween polish more than a winter one.


ETA: Now that I'm wearing it out and about, I've discovered the variations in the glitter seem to depend on what kind of light is around. I get coppery red indoors under light bulbs but greeny-gold in sunlight. Very interesting...

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My first bottle from the Post. This is a dark reddish-plum with very fine same-color sparklies (2 coats applied). I don't get any other colors shifting in and out. This polish feels so different from any other I've tried - it's rich, creamy and thick but dries quickly.


Edit: Ahhhh! Perhaps it needed a moment more. I am now getting a color shift, from the reddish-plum to bronze to bronzy-green to black-with-red-sparklies to plum-with-red-sparklies. Nice.

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31926016065_02f8d6bfe9_q.jpg20161227_184036 by psukeksc, on Flickr


I have missed having a good multichrome. This is a deceptively dark polish, with a lovely red & purple shift. Opaque in two coats, with a little lifting of color so a third coat may be advisable.

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This is a beautiful color - to me it's got more of a reddish brown & gold glitz tone to it, but I don't apply more than 1 medium coat.

I would also classify this one as more of a Halloweenie color than Yule, but it's very pretty all the same.

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