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BPAL Madness!

Amaranth? Anyone?

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Good evening all! I have an imp of Dyan Moon that a friend gifted to me that I absolutely ADORE. My favorite part is the sweet grainy smell that lingers at the end. I presume that this is the amaranth, and I'm eager to try other blends with this. Anyone have a recommendation?



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Just purely looking at scent descriptions:

Harvest Moon ('04, '05, '10, & '11) all have it.

Dia de los Muertos ('04, '05, '06, '07 & '09) all have it.

Capricorn, Vasakasajja & Larentalia all have it.


And in the GC: Odin.


Hopefully someone with a bit more specific knowledge can help out past this.

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I haven't tried Dyan Moon, but I love Dana O'Shee's wonderful grainy smell. I have no idea if it has amaranth specifically in it, though!

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