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BPAL Madness!
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Temple of the Dying God

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ohhh.... I'm nervous. First time to start a thread and how excited that its this scent. I knew instinctively that I would love this one and it was nothing like what I thought... but incredibly beautiful and powerful in a completely new way. here are my notes:


Wet on the wand and straight on the skin: This is balsam fir, a very sweet woodsy scent. Seems like there is just the tiniest hint of mint or menthol, something slightly fruity or berry like perhaps. There is also something like porpourri here, cedar perhaps. Reminds me of the air in the Herb Lady (one of my favorite hole in the wall, eclectic, earth-mother gaia shops in WV that smells unlike anything else. A comparison is a very high compliment).


On the dry down: this has a lovely apple-y quality to it. Still very much woods and pulpy. Not a great throw though. It dries out a bit... green wood dehydrating, decomposing into brown. This is a very cold kind of scent. I can almost smell the bite of cold wet air. It's a paradox the balance between the almost pulpy fruit and mint, just a tiny hint of both, but enough to go up against the larger impression of dark forests, old trees, cold liquid water is just enough to help break it all back into it constituents. Cedar and Balsam, yes. But there are other woods here, and herbs. It wants to be masculine and Beth manages to make the body of this scent unisex and still be extraordinarily true to female and male.


Fading out: This stays pretty true throughout. Apple/fruit pulp with lots of woods behind it. whiffs of mint, maybe even honey slide one way then the other, never for too long. Distraction against the core of achievement: the paradox of a dead god, a woman and man presented in there who are perhaps guardians, or more likely - the god itself. split him in two and...


Regardless, Beth has absolutely blown me away with this creation. Just beautiful...



edited because i can't spell

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