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BPAL Madness!

Lady Una

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Honey musk, green tea leaf, blackberry leaf, vanilla bean, and fae spices.


From the notes and theme, this seemed like a scent I'd like. After failing to find decants, I got impatient and blind bottled. And I am glad I did! 


If this scent had a color, it would be a pale golden-green. The honey musk is an absolutely gorgeous honey note, spun into something sheer and airy. At the same time, though, it's the most prominent note on me, in part I think due to the vanilla reinforcing its sweetness. The blackberry leaf lends a juicy but not overpowering blackberry note and the green tea balances the honey. Everything is very well blended. The scent lingers close to the skin, though I get delightful wafts of it from time to time. 


I would definitely recommend this to honey fans who also enjoy Elf, Fairy Market, Shanghai, and Bewitched. 

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Honey musk is a stunning note I wish we saw more of.  It's really the star here.  Green tea is a note that my skin likes to devour, so on me Lady Una is honey musk with faint traces of vanilla and blackberry leaf (not the fruit -- it doesn't go berry candy, it's a very different note) and presumaby whatever fae spices might be, something faintly herbal I would guess.  Absolutely gorgeous and a beautiful summer scent, though it's one I can imagine being worn year-round.  

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Oh this is as beautiful as I'd hoped it would be! A very fae scent. 


In Bottle: Tea/honey/vanilla with a touch of blackberry 

Wet on skin: Bursting blackberries with a hint of leaves (I tend to amp blackberries/blackcurrant for some reason so I expect this will stay fairly prominent) a touch of the spices and musk beneath that 

Dry on skin: Honey musk (oh this is an amazing note), vanilla, tea. It's very faint but absolutely lovely! This will be a great summer scent but will be wearing it it year round when I want something lighter. 

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ugh, this is so good. 


when it first goes on, i get the honeyed musk, (TO DIE FOR) the clean crispness of the tea, the green of the blackberry leaf, and maybe a bit of the vanilla.  perhaps a touch of blackberry, since i'm looking for it. 


then everything starts to sink in and mesh.  the spice gives it a soft warmth.  is that saffron? the tea and green leafyness have disappeared, but i'm quite sure they're keeping everything light and fresh.  i'm getting a little twinkle of blackberry now and again, and i love it! it's not a fruit-forward scent to me at all, it's just a great subtle layer. 


but the star is that honey musk. i'm obsessed, i tell you.  it's so sensual and feminine.  it's like a golden skin musk infused with the palest sweet honey, with zero honey funk. if i ever found a wish-granting genie, i think i'd wish for my sweat to naturally smell like honey musk.  😂


i was a little wary before trying it that una might be this ethereal spiced honey thing, and it is kinda?  but it's so much more. it's ethereal, but not ephemeral. 


fyi, if there's even the slightest possibility that i'll be getting naked with a friend any time soon, there's a 100% chance that i'm gonna be anointing some key nooks and crannies with lady una. just sayin'. 

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