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BPAL Madness!

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Calico Jack is a manly man. He uses manly cologne with his sea salt air. He washes with a brisk manly soap, standing on his wooden planks. He dries down to a manly, salty musk-touched wood with a faint touch of leather.


He’s not my type of manly smell, yet I’d wager he smells manly delish on my man. 

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THIS IS MAD LOVE, i don't find this manly at all!!! 

On wet it's like this overwhelming SEA note, like a tsunami that completely overpowers everything else. Ambergris? 

But within 5mins it recedes, leaving a very musky fruity shore, it's one of the most intriguing scents I've ever come across from BPAL! I'll try my best to pick out the notes, this is a huge morpher.

Foremost is the musk, if sea musk were a thing, this would be it. And I get little sparkles of.. lemongrass? and peppermint? But these sparkles fade quickly, revealing a warm spicy layer which are probably the plundered spices :) 


I got this as a frimp, never would have guessed how absolutely in love I would fall with it, it's so far out from my usual scent profile - florals.. I think it's the musk that's doing it for me, it's absolutely to die for.


*Edit: The drydown really reminds me of Hecate's drydown - kind of an almondy musk? They are both my absolute favourites from BPAL

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Now here’s a sexy aquatic.

Alright, I live on a boat with my father who's a rabid Calico Jack fanboy, so this would have been a hilariously worthwhile frimp for the Lab to pick for me even if the scent were subpar. (Did someone divine about this? It's almost TOO funnily perfect...)

But it’s not. It’s dashing as hell.

It starts citrusy bright, green & crisp from the bottle. As it dries, you’re casting off from an island of citrus trees, carrying off a crateload of fruit against the scurvy—now salt-crusted leather starts to dominate the note, musky and worn with the sweat of working the deck. The sea air is bracing, a refreshing breeze blowing over the sails and filling the flag, during the heyday of the Calico bunch—before that fateful day when Bonny and Read were the only ones prepared to defend a drunken revel of a crew.   

Incredibly masculine, even though I’m not particularly attached to gendering scents (why shouldn’t men smell like sweet white moonflower?). This absolutely is the scent of Calico Jack, a bright citrus cologne overthrown by actual sweaty musky work, debonair and dashing rogue and total dandy fool. It’s fantastic. I don’t know how wearable it is for me—feeling sweaty and grimy is a Problem for me—but I adore the frimp, nonetheless.

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Very strong aquatic cologne. I get a lot of oceanic musk, salty air, waterlogged wood, and well-worn leather. The spices are lurking under the surface of the waves of this perfume, adding complexity. It doesn't go soapy or laundry to me. I really enjoy this, it begins as a deceptively straightforward aquatic cologne but there's actually a lot going on and I am here for all of it. :lovestruck:

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