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It is very fresh but with a sharp note of something (I wish I was better at note id!) It smell like a feminine masculinity - the delicate floral and the stronger sharper note i associate with scent for guys. Very pretty.


I threaded it through my hair and we'll see how it works later today at pride la!

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I tried this for the first time on Friday night, the opening night of Pride weekend. I was going to Funkasia, an outdoor dance centred on South Asian music (Bhangra, Bollywood tunes, etc., most of which I really like), which was part of the Pride festival kickoff. I am just recently out of a six-year relationship, and while not exactly ready to start dating again, felt like maybe a little bit of female attention would at least boost my confidence a bit and make me feel better.


Scentwise, I really didn't like it at first, and had second thoughts about putting it on, but decided to try it anyway. It's very strongly floral at the outset, which seemed kind of odd and jarring to me. I can't think of any dykes I have ever known who liked floral perfumes... It just seems like more of straight-girl scent. But I also knew that with the TALs, it's not just about the scent itself, but the magical correspondences, so on it went despite my wrinkling my nose at the smell.


Thankfully, the floral blast faded pretty quickly and it soon became a soft, barely-there incense scent, which was hard to pick up over the remnants of Voodoo Queen that I'd had on earlier.


Now, I should perhaps preface the following with saying that despite being out for around 25 years, I've really never had a lot of luck meeting women at things like bars, dances, etc. I tend to feel very socially awkward in settings like that, and most of my relationships have been with women I've met in completely different settings. I like dancing, but I've never exactly been the sort of dance floor goddess who attracts a lot of attention there.


Which is why it was so surprising that, at a certain point in the evening, I caught the eye of a very attractive woman who was dancing near me and we exchanged smiles, and she moved in a little closer, and by the next song we were dancing up really close to each other and starting to get acquainted... It wasn't the kind of setting where you can have much of a conversation, but we did talk a little bit during some of the quieter lulls in the music, the highlights of which were her complimenting my dancing and telling me I was beautiful. :P


Nothing too dramatic came of the encounter, because after an enjoyable several songs worth of dancing together, she seemed to sort of lose her nerve and just said it was nice meeting me before disappearing off into the crowd. I was a bit worried at first that I'd said or done something wrong, but she was kind of young and had said it was only her second Pride, so I think she was just nervous. Oh well. Probably just as well since I wasn't entirely sure how ready I was for anything more anyway, though at least exchanging phone numbers or something would have been nice.


Still, it was a pretty unprecedented thing to happen to me, and definitely fun, so I think Q7 is a keeper despite the excessive floralness of it.


Grade: scent C+, effectiveness A

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Scent in the vial:

In the vial, it smells... herbal, but creamy. Musk?


Scent “in use”:

I don't have anything to anoint, so I'm trying this as a perfume. It's extremely “perfumey” in its wet state – like lily of the valley, opium and musk. Jasmine, too. It seems to sort of morph into a smoky floral once it's dry, sort of femininely masculine in its character.



None the first time (the local pride festival). I'll make a note to wear it next time I go to The Triangle though – that might be a better time to test it. :P

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