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BPAL Madness!

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The grey and ghostly flower that fills the fields of Hades.

In the imp: Strong, soapy floral.
On me: Soap. Like..Dove soap. It tickles my nose a bit.
One hour later: Still soap.

Unfortunately I'm not into floral scents. This turned out to smell soap on me, and I must say that soap isn't what I want to smell either. This one is not for me, will be going off to Swaps.

Migraine: Almost Edited by Missy_killer

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Asphodel -- an obviously well-aged imp -- is a pale purple-gray floral on me.  It's reminiscent of lilies and maybe wisteria or hyacinth? I don't wear a lot of florals, and I was hoping the gray in the description was code for ambergris, but I don't think so.  It's actually quite pleasant, even discreetly sexy for a floral.  It's not my usual kind of scent, but I may hang onto it to see if I ever feel like wearing it.  

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