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BPAL Madness!

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Inspired by a strawberry-tinted albino corn snake that I met many, many years ago – strawberry-infused Snake Oil with a froth of marshmallow fluff and a hint of vanilla sugar.

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TLDR: Goth Lolita Strawberry Shortcake. Dark but cute.


This is plastic strawberry bathed in cool, sweet musk. This is not a realistic fruity scent, nor is it the sugary gourmand I think some people might have been hoping for - the vanilla and the marshmallow are very low key, and while the Snake Oil is detectable, it is also not very strong. The scent sits close to my skin and remains sweet strawberry musk even 15 minutes later. I feel like this would layer well with a wood-scent like hinoki or ho.


Because this IS a Snake Oil blend, odds are pretty good this is going to morph with time and become smoother and richer.


A comparable scent would be A Portrait from Fatherhood 2022, with more musk than patchouli.

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If I had to compare this scent with another, for me what comes closest is Australian Copperhead from Carnival Diabolique's Snake Pit. It's the combination of Snake Oil and the Acai Berry in that one that I recall as I sniff the strawberry / Snake Oil mix in this one. Full disclosure, I am one of those for whom fresh SO doesn't really work. For me, fireworks don't really kick off for, at the *very* least, a month. Six months is better, a year is far better and a decade or more is best. (Not kidding: slowly working my way currently through a 10mL bottle of Snake Oil from 2006 or so and it's just about the love of my life!). 

I mention this because there's a way that Snake Oil needs time and patience to settle into itself. Fortunately, this strawberry is NOT going plastic on me! It's retaining its sweet, fruity self in much the same way the fruit is forward and sweet-tart in Copperhead. And because of that, I have every reason to believe that this latest iteration of Snek is going to be a fine addition to my collection.

In all: if you love all the Snakes OR you like your SO blends with a bit of fruit, you will likely want to snag Serpent in the Berries sooner rather than later!

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