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BPAL Madness!

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Black tea, smoked jasmine, cedarwood, sandalwood incense, and sweet sage.

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I am delighted by this on first test. I'd opened it to sniff it a few times (and also to let it get a little air before testing it), and I'd been a little concerned that the scent might be a little bit bitter in the bottle. But that didn't prove true when testing it on skin. In the bottle, there was a bitter black tea (good but needed to be balanced by something), a sharp sandalwood (again, not a bad thing alone for me, but balance not happening here), and a hint of the jasmine that I was hoping for (with very little of the cedar, incense/smoked elements, or sweet sage).


Once it hit my skin, the sweeter and maltier and smokier notes immediately started appearing, warming up the scent and making it absolutely delicious! (Fortunately not in a way that actually makes me want to chew on myself, and I have enough self control not to lick my own wrists, perfume is not for consumption, I know this.)


This is a sweet smoky jasmine blending and balancing a slightly bitter but malty black tea. There's a soft warm haze of incense that blends the wood notes of the sandalwood and cedar beautifully, and the sweet sage is a bright, very slightly green herbal note that softens any last harsh edges that the scent might have had. It's a very comforting scent (which is not necessarily what I would have expected with the name).

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