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  1. wow this is ALL black pepper in the imp.....its so spicy i almost sneeze and my eyes water....


    on, its very strong at first and i can now smell the ginger and something like incense.


    eventually it calms down to a spicy incense but OH BOY was that a ride.

  2. At first, this was all dark dark red wine on me...like Id spilled a glass of it upon myself. It was so dark, and so rich that my mouth watered involuntarily, even though I rarely drink wine.


    Now, after a bit...its still very red and juicy...but I can get the berry'/fruit thing now. Im kinda glad it calmed down a bit...i dont wanna smell like a sloppy lush lol.


    Its very pretty and I love it...just have to get through the first 5 minutes.

  3. I put Faiza upon my wrist about 20 minutes ago.

    About 30 seconds after doing so, my heart almost stopped.


    I actually began to panic a bit, and realized it was something in the notes that was throwing me into a PTSD downward spiral.


    So, I grabbed my blanket and tried to rub my own skin off to get the scent off of me....


    then, as suddenly as it happened...the scent that triggered such a tortured response fro me was gone...in its place was a soft, vaguely spicy, vaguely vanilla-y, light floral.


    It also seems to have the same sugared resiny note that I like in Snake oil, Dorian and Smut. Its actually really pretty.


    So...I dunno if im gonna keep this, even though I have another imp of it coming in another swap....I think ill give it another try later, now that I know what kind of reaction I may have.

  4. maybe im just wierd....but the only thing i got was flat Dr. Pepper. Warm flat Dr. Pepper.....it clung real close to my skin, and didnt have much throw.


    swap pile, methinks.