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  1. isabella


    a dark spicy chery..not cough yrup exactly, but it kinda had a phase of that before it mellowed into wonderful.
  2. isabella


    powder and florals...unfortunately i think the jasmine or violet in it has oen me in agan...swap time.
  3. isabella

    Grand Guignol

    this smells exactly like a freshly opened package of dried turkish apricots......mmmmmm
  4. isabella


    mmmm dark, not quite evil but a powerful scent. I love the berry/sage combo in this
  5. isabella


    no idea whats in it....lol i tried it on myself and it gave me a little headache...but when i used it in a burner, it was a beatiful scent that did help me relax.
  6. isabella


    woody, lightly spicy and light florals. i usually hate floral of any sort but in this it seems to enhance the scent rather than take away from it. its pretty.
  7. isabella

    Bon Vivant

    bubbly and happy. strawberry is real sweet but im thinking that maybe alcohol type notes dont like me at all
  8. isabella


    mmm rich and buttery...didnt get peach unlkess that was the general sweetness. totally yummy
  9. isabella


    i love pomegranates, but something turned it kinda sour o me...it smelled beautiful before i tried it on though
  10. isabella


    holy hell.... It was prolly a bad idea to try this when I was a PMS wreck, cuz I almost drank it lol.... its really really goooooood milk chocolate
  11. isabella


    mmm so pretty! i gave thi to my daughte for her birthday and she loves it! perfecy summery light little girl type scent.
  12. isabella


    For some reason, it reminds me of summer whe your at your camp and you can still smell the fire from cooking lateer in the day. I liiiikes it
  13. isabella

    The Raven

    V is for Violet..... Unfortunately, it smelled wonderful in the imp...then turned into straight violet on me. I doesnt like me.