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  1. Spanglemaker

    Three Witches

    Resurrected Three Witches: Wet: Wow...I didn't like this at all. Smelled like a weird pipe tobacco. Dry: CLOVE with a touch of cinammon and an itty bitty bit of pepper. This is the first BPAL with clove where I can actually smell the clove! Very nice...I like this alot.
  2. Spanglemaker

    Milk Moon 2005

    Add me to the folks who get the rancid milk smell. Eventually, the sour smell goes away but it took about 5 hours. Then it mostly honey. At the end, it smelled like a creamy version of "O". No mint, no coconut. I may try it again but I don't think I can take the sour milk smell stage. Stupid skin.
  3. Spanglemaker


    First on and in the imp: dark and herbal smelling, sharp On: As someone already said, this what I hoped Intrigue would be. The sharp herbalness fades and the dark fig scent comes forward. There is a slight fruitiness but it's more spicy than fruity. Conclusion: I really really like this. Dark, figgy and sexy.
  4. Spanglemaker


    Alice: Initially, this smelled almost exactly like Dana O'Shee to me...mostly milk and honey. But then the floral components makes an appearance. I can see why this is so popular. This is a beautiful creamy, slightly sweet floral.
  5. Spanglemaker

    Graveyard Dirt

    Graveyard Dirt: In the bottle and wet: Yep...that is exactly how dirt smells!! Luckily I do not get the scent of peat moss (usually a gag inducing smell for me). Drydown: The dirt smell fades and I get 100% cedar. Not sure how I feel about this one. Cedar isn't a real favorite of mine and it dissappears pretty quickly. I'll have to try it again.
  6. Spanglemaker


    This is really lovely. This is amber but a dry soft amber that is very different from the wet heavy amber i get from Haunted or Golden Priapus. I can smell a bit of the floral and a little bit of a powderiness (which isn't a bad thing for me). I like this a lot.
  7. Spanglemaker


    Brimstone: Wet: This is a very strong acrid scent. Very sharp. Strangely enough, it's not unpleasant at all. Sulfurous but without the rotten egg smell. Dry: The acridness dies down but it's still very present. I don't get any smoke from this. Ash and burnt earth. As it dries, there is a sweetness that comes through. This is one of the BPAL's that evokes a very clear image for me. Volcanoes...molten lava that hardens as it cools and charred earth. I really like this.
  8. Spanglemaker


    Titania: Wet: light fruity scent. I can definitely smell pear and grape. Dry: Very light fruity scent This is a very pretty, delicate scent but fades very quickly on me. After only an hour, it's gone.
  9. Spanglemaker


    Intrigue: I was expecting to love this; chocolate and fig?? Sounds wonderful. On me, no chocolate, no fig, no smoky, no sandalwood. Just fruity. My father used to love to eat dried figs and I think that is what I was expecting this to smell like (dark, rich and chewy). Fresh figs probably smell fruity which is what Intrigue smells like on me. Oh well.
  10. Spanglemaker

    Anne Bonny

    Anne Bonny: Overall this is a soft, sweet spicy scent. Unfortunately for me, the patchouli just takes over on my skin and I don't care for patchouli.
  11. Spanglemaker

    June Gloom 2004

    June Gloom: Wet: Very lemony....very much like lemonheads candy and it has a lot of throw (and I mean a lot!!!) Dry: The lemon scent almost completely dissappears and I'm left with a lovely soft floral There is a "watery" component in there too. I have to say, I love this!
  12. "Haunted" is mostly amber but it has a wee bit of musk. It also is a pretty soft scent (not real strong).
  13. Spanglemaker

    Golden Priapus

    Golden Priapus: At first, the pine is quite prominent giving this a masculine feel. After a few hours, the pine moves to the background and the amber/vanilla takes over. I am not overly fond of the pine but the amber/vanilla is gorgeous. Love this!
  14. Spanglemaker

    Snow White

    Snow white is absolutely lovely. I've had to wear it a few times before I figured out what it reminded me of. Pastel pillow mints! Those mints that sometimes resturaunts have sitting in a bowl as you walk out the door or are sometimes served at weddings: they are creamy and minty and melt in your mouth. Snow White smells like those mints taste. Of all the BPAL I've tried, this is definitely in the top five.
  15. Spanglemaker


    Gluttony: Wow! On me, a caramel, hazelnut scent is what wafts. If I sniff my wrists, I get the coffee and just a wee bit of the chocolate. I didn't find that it was too sweet or cloying. I really like this.
  16. Spanglemaker

    Recs for those who can't do sweet perfumes?

    Tintagel has a fruity spicy feel to it.
  17. Spanglemaker


    Zephyr: When I first put this on I smelled mostly lemon, so I wasn't too thrilled. I am not a big fan of citrus scents. After a few hours, the lemon has dissappeared and I am left with an absolutely lovely light musk and sandalwood scent. This is really wonderful. It's soft and warm but not too sweet and not heavy. I am going to be getting a bottle of this!
  18. Spanglemaker

    Sacred Whore of Babylon

    And upon her forehead was a name written, Mystery, Babylon the Great, the Mother of Harlots and Abominations of the Earth. An ancient formula that inspires unrepentant decadence, lechery and debauch. First, I get a very strong sharp green scent. I almost washed it off but decided to wait it out a bit. After a few hours, I can just barely detect the sweet spiciness that everyone else has mentioned, but it's dominated by the sharp green scent. Alas, this whore is not for me.
  19. Spanglemaker


    On me the spice is most predominant. But then I get bits of apple and then bits of pumpkin (but it's not foody or sweet). But then there is also that feeling of a crisp fall day and dried leaves. This is really, really lovely. One of my favorites!
  20. Spanglemaker

    Black Cat

    Wow! I generally don't like florals but this is such a pretty soft scent. At first there is a definite herbal, green component. Then it dries to a very delicate soft rose scent. I am not getting any mint. Very soft, very feminine. This would be good for days when I want to feel "pretty" as opposed to "sexy." This is definitely a keeper!
  21. Spanglemaker


    I really like this one! Wet: very cherry Dry: The cinnamon really kicks in and it really reminds me of how those cinnimon hard candies taste like! And I think the pepper and clove add a little darkness!
  22. Spanglemaker


    Tintagel: Wet: Very fruity.. the dragon's blood is very dominant Later: The spice (cinnamon) and leather come out to play. It really reminds me of potpourri and christmas. This is really very nice. I generally don't care for fruity scents but the spice/leather really mellows it out.
  23. Spanglemaker


    Wet: reminds me of almond Biscotti! Dry: the almond dissappears and it smells like orange candy (not a fresh orange) Later: the orange gets less candy-like and a slight spiciness comes into play. Nice!
  24. Spanglemaker

    Black Pearl

    Black Pearl Wet: coconut with a fruity component On: within 20 minutes, this completely disappears I actually reapplied because I thought I just did put enough on. But no, same thing. This is the first BPAL I've tried that did that. ETA: I decided I had to give Black Pearl another try in case my skin chemistry was wonky the day I initially tried it. Well, apparently that was the case, because I put some on last night before bed and could still smell this morning. Woohoo! It is a very soft coconutty scent with a light fruity component. Lovely.
  25. Spanglemaker


    Jack II Oh. My. God. This is fabulous! Buttery caramel popcorn at first and then it dries down to a creamy, buttery pumpkin that is just divine! This is the first BPAL that my boyfriend said "I like that!" (I usually get "that's nice)