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  1. the bombardment of random advice on the internet is a weird thing.

  2. i want to be in the oceani need a wetsuit

  3. RT @michelleinspace: I would watch a show about a rollerblading businessman.

  4. Where is the respect that someone can look at the same information as you, have a different value set and draw a different conclusion?

  5. RT @The_Apocalisa: Want to get your hands on a copy of Wretched Creatures? Visit @CarmineStComics in the West Village http://t.co/LPW9wzowLq

  6. Support Cabbies vs Tax Avoiding Uber: Russell Brand The Trews (E355) https://t.co/w7YG2N5LAr via @YouTube

  7. Andrew Jackson in fierce Gaultier eyewear http://t.co/kuXeX64llQ