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  1. ND¢
    No go:
    LE: Appalling Abbatoir, Bloody Banister, Chellah v4,Byron v13, Dia de los Muertos 09, Doozers, Eisheth Zenunim, Egg'd Mailbox, Gaoler's Daughter, Hellfire, Horrors of My Secret Toil. Lick It, Taphophobia Vespertilio Proterus
    GC: Bathsheba, Bensiabel, Bluebeard, Black Pearl, Black Rider, Bread and Butterfly, Dragon's Musk, Dragon's Tears, Eden, Grandmother of Ghosts, Libertine, Masquerade, Meliai, Rapture, Thy Godfather's Present, Titania, Tzadikim Nistarim, Viola
    The Man's Collection:
    Aperotos Eros, Bloody Banister, Brood XIX, Coyote, Incubus, Laudanum, Loosening of the Obi, Men Ringing Bell With Penises
    Indy's Scents: (see bottle collection, plus these imps)
    Light: Mad Kate, Dormouse, Severin, Karme
    Sweet: G Poppet 10, Kumiho, Parker Lily, Pandy
    Spicy: Raven Moon, L'Autunno, Perversion, Glowing Vulva, White Rider
    Dutty: Snake Oil, Snake Charmer, Spanked res, hippie ghost, Nightmarchers v5, Third Charm (notice pattern? Snakes, Charms,... March? )
  2. ND¢
    I discovered how BPAL-licious today would be when I keyed open my mailbox and found not one, not two but three packages. Without further ado:
    One of the packages is not a swap, but instead an Etsy order: mineral makeup from 8 Bit Cosmetics. I'll review that separately....
    The first package is from the lovely Gateau. Karme, Pandy and Hippie Ghost. Originally what drew me to it was Karme-- I've been wanting to smell it since I read the description.
    Karmê (Κάρμη): Sun-warmed squashes, peppers, salad greens, snap peas, radishes, green onions, and silphium.
    Lab imp. In the imp: a familiar floral? no... oh no. Aquatic note with an undercurrent of garden-y complexity. I never trade for or buy aquatics, because there's a note that smells identical to me in all of them and it reminds me of some perfume-in-a-can I had from Walgreens when I was a kid. And in all those drugstore perfumes it's supposed to be 'water' but to me it's sweet and formulaic. I smell it in Karme. I capped it back up for a minute because if that's what I get from this scent I'm going to cry.
    On me: The aquatic dissipates, thank heavens, and morphs a dandelion very reminiscent of Roadhouse or... it's been a long time since I smelled One to Tie Two To Win, did it have this? A Blade of Grass? ... It does smell like plants, though no onions- people mention cucumber, and I can see that-- not actual cucumber but perfume-cucumber, a sweet flowery version of the real. I like having this imp and I will definitely keep it-- at the very least until I acquire Roadhouse and do a side-by-side sniff comparison.
    Pandy: Fresh white musk, honeycomb, sweet apricot, elemi, orange blossom, and mischievous pink pepper.
    In the decant I smell the sweet apricot and what I'm GUESSING is the honeycomb, because it's reminding me of a sweet food I can't place.
    on me: ooh, that's nice. apricot with a sweet background of gentle honey. I wish I knew more about honey notes and how to distinguish them. But other people mentioned they mostly got a honeyed apricot too, so there you have it. I think I smell a bit of pepper beneath it, but as for the rest, if it's there I can't tell. But what there is of it I do like and I'm a-buying a bottle. Comforting and feminine, this is a scent I would proudly go out wearing and expect to catch a few looks.
    Hippie Ghost: A faded snapshot of patchouli-stained peasant blouses, soft suede boots, and smoke.
    In the decant I smell patchouli and a kick of disagreeable stinky smoke. Some people said pot smoke, but that's a nice smell and this is nasty to me.
    on me: Well-blended but not pretty smelling... I don't get anything but a vaguely cologney bite under a muddled grimy almost-patchouli. Maybe a little more weedy-smelling than it was in the imp. It mellows out pretty quickly-- When dry it's a well blended sharpish pot-smoky patchouli with leather peeking out. I like it when it's dry- well-blended and smooth, but I don't need a bottle.
    And along with the imps, Gateau included a huge, lovely jar of Nyx eyeshadow powder! Now I'm about to carry my pretties off and incorporate them into my collection....
  3. ND¢
    So let's see. Current as of 2/13/13. The bottles with asterisks are not up for swap except in certain Grail-scent-related-cases.
    Albedo v5 x3
    Badgers* (decants poss for Storyville, Voodoo Queen, Dolly Kei, and Pinched.)
    Blood Moon 2005 x2
    Dead Man's Hand v8*
    Gaoler's Daughter
    Geek x2*
    Hod (original 10mL)
    Hod Res x 3
    Hungry Ghost Moon (pending)
    Loosening of the Obi* (boyfriend appropriated this one...)
    Men Ringing Bell With Penises* (...and this one)
    Mum Moon*
    Nagarjuna v2
    Phyllocrania Paradoxa v1
    Planting Moon* (see Badgers restrictions)
    Shanghai Tunnel
    Snake Charmer (orig CN version)*
    Taphophobia v2
    Tamamo-no-mae x2
    Trick #1 *
    Vipralabda x3
  4. ND¢
    Grail scents I would always buy or swap for:
    Crumpet Rebellion
    Graveyard Dirt
    Pinched With Four Aces
    Planting Moon
    Quincey Morris
    Snake Charmer Res.
    Voodoo Queen
    Protos, event-specifics and similar that I desperately want to try, even a small amount:
    Amaterasu v2 & v3, Sekhmet v5, Kinnabari, Capela dos Ossos, Anti-Saloon League, Hermes Tris v2, Vrishka Rajaya v2 BTPU1, PX717, PRC12, XCDL13, PP42005
    LE/DC (sought in any amount):
    Antique Lace*
    Autumn Lace
    Black Lace
    De Sade*
    Glowing Vulva*
    Inquisition 07: Ecstasy of Passion
    Karmê (Κάρμη)**
    Mabon Res.*
    Pumpkin King
    LE/DC- prefer a bottle:
    Black Temple Burlesque Troupe**
    Byron v13*
    Diable en Boîte
    Horn of Amalthea
    Loosening of the Obi
    Men Ringing Bell with Penises
    the Smiling Spider
    Toad Hall
    Unheavenly City**
    LE/DC- prefer a decant:
    Arrival @ Sabbath & Homage to the Devil
    Carceri d'Invenzione
    CD: Parliament of Monsters*
    CD: Faith*
    CD: Gennivre*
    CD: Western Diamondback*
    Great Grey Witch
    Infernal Lover**
    La Mano del Destino
    the Magdalena
    Mother Shub's Gingerbread Temples/Stygian Nougat**
    Nothing Gold Can Stay
    Pickled Imp
    Sweet Lavinia's Dread Puddings/Risalamande**
    Tobacco Honey
    GC (indicated below if I prefer imp but bottles always OK):
    Aperotos Eros***
    Bensiabel (imp)
    Bien Loin d'Ici
    Death on a Pale Horse (imp)
    Herbert West (imp)
    Kumiho (imp)
    Le Lèthè
    Mr. Ibis
    Nero (imp)
    Panacea TKO (imps ok too)
    Penny Dreadful
    The Red Rider (imp)**
    Roadhouse (imp)
    Panacea: TKO**
    Panacea: Moxie
    Witch's Garden**
  5. ND¢
    CB IHP: try me. I like it all, but esp. tea/water/dirt/rain/stone, etc.
    Greenbriar 68***
    Memory of Kindness***
    In the Summer Kitchen
    Violet Empire
    M2 Black March**
    M1 Narcissus
    Under the Arbor
    I Am A Dandelion
    In the Library
    Soaked Earth
    Ginger Flower
    Rich Tobacco
    Forest/Wild Hunt
    Viennese Pastry
    Tomato Vine
    Falling Water
    Bamboo Flower
    Wildflower Honey
    Gathering Apples
    Sweet Smoke
    Cedarwood Tea, Lavender Tea, Black Tea, Russian Caravan Tea, Japanese Green Tea
    Nejla (The Souk)
    Golden Amber, Tomato Leaf (Apothecary)
    Twr, Anna, Fire In The Earth (Feri)
    How You Doin', Queen Elizabeth Root, Bling Bling (Hoodoo)
    Earl Black, Befuddling Fan (Miss Victoria's)
    Notus, Anemoi (Elementals)
    El Alacran, La Corona (Loteria)
    Shakti (Mythos)
    Erotica (oil)
    Special X (any)
    Eden Botanicals:
    Pepper CO2 Select, Black
    German Blue Chamomile
    Immortelle Absolute
    HAEE: Fairy Queen, Vanilla Musk
    Haus of Gloi: Perfume, soap, scrub, you name it. Haus Amber, Lavender Sugar, Mango Sticky Rice, Moon Dog, Old Cider Haus,Picaroon, Pumpkin Queen, Honey Tree (soap/scrub)
    MAC: Both Lustreglass and Lipglass in anything but really dark colors. Eyeshadows: I'm open to all shades and styles. Want to try the pigments too.
    propaganda: Opium Den soap
    Dulces En Fuego, Friction, Grampa Joe, Spun Sugar. Pretty much all non-fruity scents... just a slice? Whipped: Possets Indigo, Mud: Scintillating, Pearl Diver. Killer Beez oil sample, Nesthtai anything, Datura and Scintillating oils
    wicked cosmetics: Abricot de Vanille
    WoobieBath: Vanilla Tea
  6. ND¢
    There are always exceptions, but as a guide to what works and doesn't.
    Generally good: amber, benzoin, bergamot, cardamom, clove, dirt/earth/soil, subtle wood scens (e.g. fir), ginger, grass, incense, leather, musk of ALL kinds, oakmoss, opoponax, peach/apricot, delicate floral (e.g. rice flower; T-n-M, HGM, Obi), white sugar, tomato leaf and other plant scents, tonka, vanilla of all kinds, subtle foody scents.
    Generally bad: Anise, Aquatics (except The Deep Ones), brimstone/smoke, uber-buttery, candy, civet, cinnamon, cypress, dragon's blood, most strong/sharp florals (e.g. ylang ylang), most fruity scents, harsh wood scents (e.g. juniper) , muscadine, neroli, ozone, pennyroyal, vetiver, wine (except rice wine)