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  1. I'm seriously kicking myself for not getting a bottle of this (or 10)because I love this scent so much. It's warm, soothing, sweet but not too sweet, the kind of scent you want to fall asleep smelling with your head on your arm... I'm really hoping I can find a bottle on eBay or on here or something because this is definitely one of my favorites.

  2. It smells kind of cookieish on me which I definitely don't mind. It also smelled that way in the imp as well.


    Don't know if it will work but it's worth a shot - I know I'm definitely wanting it to. :)


    I really like it.


    I'll update as it's on me longer since I just put it on.


    I do feel happier wearing it and like things are going my way and will only get better...

  3. My first word was chocolate (I kid you not)so I knew I just had to have this plus I loved Velvet so...


    Smelled like chocolate with nuts and then eventually went straight to chocolate. *dies*


    I had to keep myself from eating my wrist, lol.

  4. I bought an imp of Jack thinking it would be cool to wear on Halloween, what with the pumpkins and all...


    I could smell pumpkin and peach at first along with spices but now it just seems to be peach. Buttery, too - maybe that's the pumpkin?


    It says Fall to me but less Halloween and more Thanksgiving.


    I'm definitely going to wear this again and finish off the imp, maybe even get a bottle of it later on.


    Edit - More time has gone by and now I definitely smell the spices. No pumpkin, no peach - just spices.

  5. In the imp - raspberry. Um, why do I smell raspberry?


    On me - More raspberry. Eventually it turned into raspberry, raspberry coffee, coffee, vanilla coffee, vanilla...


    Really pretty even if my nose was smelling weird things in it. I really liked it and will definitely be finishing off my imp. :)

  6. After my fiasco with Haunted (see the review for more details), I decided to put on Nocturne today instead of waiting until tomorrow which is what I was going to do.


    I smelled it in the imp and smelled vague flowery powder.


    On me it smelled exactly like Haunted did at first. I was being haunted by Haunted! But thankfully the weird powdery soapy scent changed into actual flowers. Really pretty flowers that I wouldn't mind having in my house or giving to someone.


    I could smell lilacs but couldn't distinguish other flowers. Maybe the powderyness was from the violets and tuberose?


    Not a 5 ml for me but I'll definitely use up the imp. :)

  7. I didn't get a chance to smell this in the imp again before I put it on (I smelled all my imps when I got them but only put on about one a day)because I opened it too hard and the wand smacked me in the wrist. So I smeared the scent on that wrist and added some to my other wrist.


    Soap. Powdery soap. Strong, powdery soap. Kind of burned my nose when I would smell it. I noticed I didn't smell it as often as I did with Desire and Dorian.


    Eventually the strong, powdery soap scent turned into spicy strong powdery soap. I didn't get a chance to let it fade to nothingness before I had to wash my hands after getting grease on them from a bike chain.


    It eventually smelled good, but smelled like soap for way too long until then. I'm going to hang onto the imp for a while though and see if it changes. It might have been the amount I had on...

  8. This was a frimp I got from the lab (along with Tenochtitlan which I haven't tried yet). :)


    In the imp it smelled like chocolate and peanut butter - pretty much the exact scent of a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup.


    It went through a bunch of scent changes on me and lasted for hours. I put it on around 3 p.m. ish and it was still on this morning (yesterday, technically).


    When I first put it on it kind of made my wrists feel like they were burning a little so I was worried that was going to happen every time I tried a new scent. The burning feeling went away and just left me feeling warm.


    This is the kind of scent you'd wear in winter when it's snowing out and you're totally not dressed for the weather because it will keep you warm just from the heat and the scent.


    Even though it's August and (supposedly)summer it was kind of cold in my house but once I put Desire on I didn't feel cold anymore - just felt like I was wrapped in a big snuggly blanket.


    It was my very first BPAL scent I tried and the first one to make me go "I NEED a bottle of this!" because I love the way it smells on me, how long it lasts, the throw of it, how my kids like it on me, how my husband seemed to react to it even though he didn't know I was wearing it, even one of our cats couldn't stop sniffing me. :)


    Sorry about this being disjointed but it's late, I'm kind of tired, and this was my first review so I'm not entirely sure what to write about.