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  1. If there are very long molecules in the bottle, it might be possible to break them by shaking vigorously. For example, in the lab we don't vortex DNA because it's long and strandy and might get sheared. Instead we invert gently - basically turning the tube (or in this case bottle) upside down and right side up again a few times. Plenty of mixing, no shaking necessary.


    But rubbing on the wrists? If you can rub your wrists together hard enough to crush a molecule... well good for you. You'd also be seriously damaging your skin in the process! ;)

  2. In the imp it smelled like yummy black cherry.


    On my skin it did too... for about 5 minutes. Then it smelled like pretty much nothing. Someone in chat said they had it dry down to celery on them, and upon further consideration there was a faint celery-ish scent when I held my nose right up against my wrist. So glad I only sprung for a decant of this one because even though I wanted it to work, it just doesn't.


    Maybe in a scent locket...

  3. Upon opening the imp I thought "Wait, I know this smell..." It smells like a box of Jelly Bellys. A sort of overall fruity candy sweetness. This opinion may be influenced by the fact that my favorite flavor is watermelon.


    On me it smells like some sort of fruit candy - very sweet with a vague fruitiness, but somehow flat. There just isn't really anything else to it. But it's nice, if you want to smell like a jelly bean or Jolly Rancher.

  4. I heard tales of the peachyness of this scent, and my friend disliked it because it made her smell like a can of peaches. I'm all about fruity scents, so I was really excited to try it.


    On the first try (a swipe from the friend's imp) it went to powder almost immediately. :P


    Recently I was frimped my very own imp and decided to give it another shot.


    The smell in the imp is lovely - I smell the fruity peach smell out front and I love it!


    On me this time it turns to a musk with a slight powdery background (I'm assuming this is the amber) and a faint bit of peach. It's not bad, but it's not the peachy scent I had hoped for.

  5. I wish I got more of the citrus that everyone is talking about because I love citrus, but I don't. I love Vampire Tears anyway.


    On me it smells like baked goods - I am reminded of cake batter but someone else mentioned sugar cookies which is also a good description. I don't even smell an undertone of floral, and no citrus either.


    So not very vampiric, but yummy all the same.

  6. It seems I'm the odd one out, because I *love* Succubus.


    I'm really not all that great at distinguishing notes, but on me it smells very sweet and fruity with just a touch of floral underneath. In the bottle and just after putting it on, it's a bit floral for my taste but it quickly mellows into the sweet scent I love. It doesn't have much throw, but then again neither does anything I've tried so far. It does, however, last quite a while.