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    Fall SW Questions: 9/5 to 9/8

    What was your favouritest job ever, and why? Hmm... I've had lots of interesting jobs. I think the most fun is probably working in a yarn store (I've had two different yarn store jobs) but it doesn't pay that well. Most of my science jobs - including the current one - have been pretty awesome. Which three albums would you take to your apocalypse bolt hole and how would you power the generator? This is way too hard of a question. But I will just put down the 3 that I couldn't live without at this very moment and hope that I never get stuck in an apocalypse bolt hole. AEnima ~ Tool Fables From a Mayfly: What I Tell You Three Times is True ~ Fair to Midland The Spear of the Lily is Aureoled ~ Sculptured Of course, that doesn't include any bands with female vocals, which is sad. But I don't think I could live without any of those. What GC scent have you been putting off getting since it'll "always be there"? I made the mistake of doing that with Succubus. I got one bottle but didn't get a backup. But currently? Whatever is on my wishlist. Fae is one I know. Are you interested in things like home remedies for ailments, cleaning solutions, etc.? I like home-made cleaning solutions, but I'm usually too lazy to make them if they take much work. Any cooks? Could you use anything cooking related? Aprons? Cookbooks? Measuring Cups? Recipes? Herb/Spice containers? Fancy Spices? Dish Towels? Cocktail napkins? Amazing Beaded Pot Holders? (like from our very own Pottersville! ) Something else? I like to cook! I don't wear aprons, though maybe I should to avoid the little bits of cookie dough that always get stuck on my shirt when I use the mixer. I could use measuring spoons, but I have plenty of cups. Vegetarian recipes / cookbooks are always appreciated. I wouldn't mind some cute dish towels either - I seem to have lost some during the move and they weren't cute anyway. Are you an avid reader? What's your favorite book/series? I read some, lately it's been nonfiction and semi-trashy vampire books for contrast. I used to read more, but then I got really into knitting and started doing that more. What's your favorite candy to stock up on at Halloween? I don't really stock up. I usually have some candy at home, but it takes me a while to eat it. I do love Almond Joy though, and those mini Snickers are just the right size! What are your phobias? I don't think I technically have any phobias, but I do have an intense dislike / disgust about spit. It's inconvenient when around drooly dogs and/or children. Just thinking about it, or someone making spit sounds, makes me feel nauseous. I even get super grossed-out about my own spit. What is your favourite flower (or plant)? I have this strange affinity for jade plants. I would say that irises are my favorite flower - because of the color. Duct tape purses and wallets and things are pretty darned cool. Who else thinks so? My best friend has had one for years now and he loves it. I just got a custom wallet made a few months ago so I'm all set on the wallet front, though. An anonymous benefactor gives you $500 (or an equivalent amount of money in your currency of choice) with the following stipulations. You must spend all of it within a week: any money left unspent must be returned. You must spend at least half of the money on yourself. You may not use it to pay off debts or bills of any kind. What do you do with the money? Well, I'd buy an Xbox 360 and Gold Live subscription so I can watch Netflix movies on my TV. Plus Rock Band and a mic so I can play it with my Boston Rock Band people. Then I'd probably get some BPAL and a lot of yarn, and some presents for my friends and family. Who likes coloring books? I haven't colored in a long time. This might sound weird... but I don't like crayons. It's because they never come out looking "even" when you color with them. Yes, I'm weird. Do you have a Good Reads profile? If so, make with the link! If you don't have one, go make one! Yep, here, but I don't usually update it. You're in the kitchen at the end of a pay period and groceries are pretty scarce. Do you take the five ingredients you find first and make something fabulous, or do you order take out? I always have a few things around that are quick and easy for when I'm feeling lazy or having a grocery emergency. So I'd probably end up having chili or mac & cheese or ramen or a veggie burger. If you could decorate/redecorate any 1 room in your home, what would it be and how would you decorate it? Well, I'm still in the process of decorating. I suppose it's ongoing. I do need to get a bed frame and a bedside table for my bedroom. And then there's my knitting nook that currently only has a lamp - I just got a rug at IKEA but I haven't put it down yet. I need a chair for there. But I'm not really good at decorating. I just go with the strategy of blue and throwing stuff together. Any rabid sports fans out there? What teams do you root for? Nope. What's your favorite animal? (You can have more than one.) I love tropical fish! I don't have any right now, though. And I'm also a big fan of cats, because they're cuddly but also independent most of the time. As for non-pet animals: crows, squirrels, non-poisonous snakes, and bats. This is how the world ends... zombie apocalypse, robot uprising, alien invasion, return of the elder gods... which doomsday scenario do you prefer (or make your own!)? Um... I dunno. I'm going to go more boring and say that an asteroid hits earth, plunging it into an ice age. In the year 2525... if man is still alive... what sort of future do you imagine? (apologies to anyone who gets that song stuck in their head!) What song? Hmm, well I think we should definitely have teleports. Or at least really really fast cheap travel. Do you believe in magic (or magick, if you prefer)? What does it mean to you? Not in the traditional sense. I believe there are many amazing things that aren't explainable with our current knowledge - I guess that's sort of like magic. If you found the puzzle box from Hellraiser, what would you do with it? ( and would you be able to resist playing with it? ) I haven't ever seen that movie, but I think bad things happen if you open the box? I'd probably destroy it if possible. And I would definitely be able to resist playing with it. Do you like pinup art/images? Not really. What are your plans for Halloween? Have you made any yet? Do you have any traditions? No plans yet. I'm hoping to find some fun way to spend it - last year I just sat around the house I think. Who are your BPAL forum buddies? You know, people I could conspire with to Witch you! Well, bryghtrose introduced me to BPAL and the forum... now I live 3000 miles away and see littlegoat and Thursdae and twilighteyes and some other Seattle BPALers for meet & sniffs. What is your favorite color? BLUE!!!!! Any other steampunk fans/lovers? I'm not exactly clear on what it is, even after looking it up. I've seen some cool stuff, but I don't know that it's really me. Describe your ideal picnic lunch. Where would you go? Who (if anyone, and yes there can be multiple people) would accompany you? What sort of food would you take? And, of course, if a picnic lunch sounds like a horrible idea, feel free to say so! I'd bring a bunch of my friends and make iced tea and lemonade and cookies and cute little sandwiches and fruit and yummy cupcakes and then we could just sit around and knit after lunch (or read or nap for the non-knitters). But it would be somewhere with lots of shade and not too hot because I'm not really a fan of the sun or the heat. Maybe I should get a parasol. Oh, and because it is the ideal picnic there wouldn't be any bees trying to get into the food!
  2. What are everyone's favorite Halloween-y/Autumn-y/spooky movies? Are there any you don't own but would like to? I have and love Nightmare Before Christmas, and Sleepy Hollow has lovely costumes. I don't really watch gory or most horror movies, but I do like suspense and crime movies. Are roasted pumpkin seeds and home made chex mix the best fall snack foods, or what? They sound delicious, though Worcestershire sauce (in most Chex mix recipes) has anchovies. But you know, it tastes just fine with soy sauce, I can vouch! what kinda socks are you wearing tonight? I'm just wearing little cotton anklets that are bright green and yellow striped, because I desperately need to do sock laundry. I handwash my handknit socks. Whats your favorite pie, my dear SW's? I love pie! Especially pumpkin - last year I made 4 different kinds before Thanksgiving and "tested" them with my family to determine which was the best for the real Thanksgiving. Do you like socks? Blankets? Wrist warmers? Arm warmers? Headband? Shawl? Or what kind of knitted thing would you love the most? Yes! I probably wouldn't wear shawls unless they're squishable to a scarf size, but I still think they're lovely. I knit lots of socks myself, but I wouldn't say no to more. And arm warmers might be fun - I don't currently wear them but I'd give it a shot. How do you feel about ghost stories? Do you like to tell the old tales around a campfire? Read true accounts on the web way past your bedtime? Do you like to pick up a good anthology of Poe stories on a blustery day? Or is all that too scary for you? I'm not really into them, but I don't really mind them either. Except The Graveyard Book - that is fabulous! Who here is LOVING Warehouse 13? Never heard of it. Nother question! Coffee or Tea? I only drink coffee out, but I like tea a lot (especially chai) and make it at home often. Interested in locally produced products? Food, skincare or both?Olive oil? Lavender oils or soaps? Sure! Does anyone in here wear a lot of dangly earrings or collect pendants of all kinds?? How about hair clips or pony tail band things? I don't wear dangly earrings or pendants much. I don't wear hair clips cuz my hair doesn't really "do", but I do use pony tail bands. What is your favourite historical period? This one is pretty decent. But I think I want Victorian clothes. What other hot beverages everyone likes for fall? I love flavored hot chocolate, especially mint! Did you order anything from the most recent update? Nope! I'm sniffing Weenies this weekend hopefully, and then I'll probably order some. Vampires or Werewolves? Or some other monster? Vampires! They're so hot... I think it's the neck biting thing. What sort of odd or regional foods do you crave? Hmm... I don't really know. I once had a knitting swap buddy in England that sent me apricot and oatmeal Thornton's Choccies. Those were perhaps the yummiest candy ever. Any Gamers here? What kind? Board games? RPG? Miniature? MMORPG? I wouldn't really consider myself a gamer, but I do like board games and... Fluxx! the best game ever! Is anyone playing this round of SW into ABJ? (asian ball jointed dolls) I had to go look them up. I have a Blythe - a remake - and a similar Asian doll without the color-changing eyes, but the ones you're asking about seem to have normal sized bodies (not tiny bodies and huge heads). I got mine to knit clothes for, but have I gotten around to it? Of course not! What is your favorite Halloween icon? I am a fan of pumpkins (both carved and un-), black cats, and BATS! Imagine that you're given a shoebox-sized time capsule, and you are asked to put any number of items in the box that symbolize who you are. The items can be may be anything you can imagine, and money is no object, but they must fit within the box. Which items do you choose? I'm stealing the idea of an iPod of my favorite music, that is just fabulous. Also some handknit socks, because knitting is my big hobby. Something sciencey to depict my job - maybe some tubes and a pipet. And then some blue star stuff, a few photobooth strips of me with friends because I collect them, maybe some BPAL imps. That's probably it. Are you involved in any long-term, ambitious project? something like decorating your house or saving for a trip to the other end of the world, for example. I have my 101 in 1001, that's sort of an ambitious project. Especially the part about buying a home... that may or may not happen within the time, but it's a goal I'm working towards. Favorite kind or take out kinda burger? Whats your burger preference? Veggie,meat or ???? Well, naturally I only eat veggie burgers, being a vegetarian and all. There's this great burger place called Red Mill near my house that has amazing veggie burgers and also the yummiest creamsicle flavored shakes... I might have to go there this weekend. What's your favorite childhood toy? I have this little stuffed animal named BooBoo that I got when I was very young. I used to take him everywhere, and he had many adventures like the time I dropped him off the 2nd floor of the mall (it's open in the middle) and a nice man on the first floor brought him back to me up the escalator. Or the time we went swimming and his poor little arm ripped off. We could never figure out what he was and my mom claimed he was a groundhog. But then last December I was on a train to visit my family and we got stuck for a couple hours when our engine broke down. I was talking to this girl next to me and somehow the subject came up and I said I had seen this picture of a mink and BooBoo has a mink face, but that he doesn't have a tail. Voila! He is an ermine! I never would have guessed, it took a broken down train over 20 years later to figure out poor BooBoo's identity. If you have a pet, what kind of gifts would be good for them? I have two cats, and they'd enjoy toys or treats. Or just the box you send my gifties in, I'm sure they'll love that. Do you Tweet? What is your Twitter name? I'm stariel there too. Are you on Ravelry? What is your Ravelry name? And I'm also stariel on Ravelry.
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    Summer SW Questions 7/16

    Who knows about wizard rock and wants more? Who doesn't know but wants to? Erm... I love Harry Potter but the one time I heard wizard rock (live, at the huge HP shindig in Cambridge, MA) I wasn't impressed. What's the wallpaper/screensaver on your computer? The bamboo that comes with Windows. I had to reformat recently and haven't switched it back. Do you like Sugar Ray (the band not the boxer)? Nah. Would you be interested in receiving some pasties from your witch? Erm... my boobs like more coverage. How did you get your forum name? Well, it's been my nickname since 1996 or so. I declared once that I didn't have a nickname, and a few days later one of my co-DJs at the radio station where I worked put "stariel's birthday" on the calendar and stariel was born. That's been me ever since. Anything from the trunk show? I'm trying not to covet anything old and rare. I've never tried any of it, though, and I certainly wouldn't mind a decant! Anything from the newest ebay listing? Same as above. "If I could be I would be ____________ for a day." Fill in the blank. a guy. I think it would be interesting. What are your favorite types of baked goods? How would you feel about candied citrus peel, chocolate-covered or not? Would you be interested in the mix version of the baked goods or perhaps a spice mix, something along those lines? I like most baked goods. Yes please! I would certainly be interested in a mix version, I like to bake. Have you found any new loves since the beginning of the round that you wished you'd known to include on your questionnaire? Not really. In fact, I've been really bad and bought a bunch of things because I was so excited about finally having a real job.
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    Summer SW Questions 7/12

    Question...do you fret or take it personally when your witch or witchee gets too quiet? Like they figured you out and don't like you? I try not to. My first witchee was very quiet, but acknowledged my packages with much enthusiasm, which really helped. I tend to be sort of medium contact as a witch or a witchee. If my witch contacts me I'll contact him/her back and of course I squee appropriately about packages, but I'm not super chatty on the thread - though I do try to answer the questions. And I do try to keep in touch with my witchee, but life gets busy and sometimes I think "Oh no, I haven't emailed my witchee in over a week!" <- Bad witch! Do you try to figure out who your witch is? Do you want your witch to give you clues? I'm too lazy to be a good sleuth, though if my witch gives me clues I might try. It's just that I don't "know" many of the participants well so I'm unlikely to think "Oh, that must be so-and-so!" Who has a Kindle? If you do, would you like a Kindle gift card, Kindle accessories, etc. as a gift? Whadda you need? I don't. I've thought about it - it seems like it would be good for knitting and reading, but I haven't taken the plunge yet. What about other electronics (Blackberries, iPhone, etc.)? Do you need any accessories, etc. for those? I have an iPhone, but I just got a lovely new cover for it. I don't think there are really any other accessories... I've recently been listening to Rasputina's 'O Perilous World' album and am particularly enamored by '1816: the Year Without a Summer'. So I'd like to know if my witchee likes Rasputina, and would like any music by them? They're not really my style.
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    Summer SW Questions 7/7

    What new scents from the update are calling your name?: A few of them sound interesting, but it's always so hard to tell what will work... Also you just made me order Berry Moon - my first Lunacy shortly following my first Inquisition. ALL IN THE GOLDEN AFTERNOON HOW DOTH THE LITTLE CROCODILE - the cedar could very well kill it, but chocolate mint?!? IMPERIOUS TIGER-LILY 'TIS THE VOICE OF THE LOBSTER - woody = bad, but the rest of it sounds so amazing I think I must try! TWINKLE, TWINKLE LITTLE BAT Also, tis a very good thing I read that because I think I might cry. No more Succubus? I need to go stock up! I have easy access to Asian candies, tropical fruits(mangosteen, mango, durian, jackfruit) flavored biscuits/chips/snacks, dried tropical fruits, Japanese/korean/taiwanese cosmetics brands and music/CDs. Is there anything you will like from Singapore or Asia in general? I'd be interested in any vegetarian-friendly Asian candies, I guess. Also loose Thai tea leaves would be awesome. Do you play any musical instruments? Which ones? If not, are there any you'd like to learn? What styles of music do you play, and are you interested in learning any different styles? Nope, I sing though. I always think I want to play guitar, but not enough to actually learn. Are you partial to any kind of comedy? I'm not generally a fan of comedy. What did you do for the 4th and/or the holiday weekend? I volunteered for Bumbershoot (a local arts and music festival) street team - the festival is Labor Day weekend, but we were getting the word out. Partials, samples, sniffies? Sure, although I prefer testable amounts since nothing smells the same on me as it does in the bottle / imp. Also since I heard the terrible news, any amount of Succubus is greatly appreciated. Have you read anything by China Mieville, Neil Gaiman or Charles de Lint? If so, what? Like/dislike...?? I've read quite a bit of Neil Gaiman and loved it. Haven't read the other two, but I'd be willing to try. Other than books/cds/dvds are there any "things" that you collect or symbols which you have an affinity for? I'm a big fan of anything with stars (the 5-pointed shape) on them. Do you like musicals? What have you seen? What do you want to see? Any you'd like to own? Not really. What are your thoughts on J.R.R. Tolkein? I liked some of his stuff, but it can be a little dry. If you answered that you would like recipes, are there any national or ethnic cuisines you prefer or don't prefer? I love Thai, Indian, and Mexican foods. Most Asian food, actually - vegetarian of course. I'm open to pretty much anything! What's your favorite summer activity? Dunno... reading maybe? I'm not really a fan of hot weather. Would you like a recipe booklet (homemade) for homemade smoothies and shakes? Sure. What's your favorite vacation spot? I don't take a lot of vacations, but I did love being in Norway! Would you like anything nostalgic? Things you loved from their childhood or maybe things you've always loved that were from a time before your own? Nothing I can think of at the moment.
  6. stariel

    Summer SW Questions 7/2

    What styles of jewelry do you like? Bold and funky? Delicate and dainty? Short necklaces, long ones, chokers? Bracelets or anklets? I don't wear a lot of jewelry - I can't really wear much on my hands since I'm taking gloves on and off all day and washing my hands a million times. I do wear stud earrings - I have a star theme going. I have a couple of star necklaces that I rotate through, but I usually leave them on for a few weeks so only stuff that's shower-safe. Does my witchee like hats, a floppy summer sun hat or something more stylish? Would you like a hand knit cap or hat? I already have a few hand knit hats, and I only wear hats when it's necessary for warmth. But if you're a knitter I wouldn't mind another! What kind of shopper are you? Do you make a budget? Planner, or compulsive? Do you like to buy what's new, special offers, only the usual? It depends on the price... for big purchases (basically anything over $50) I agonize and justify and contemplate for weeks. For smaller things I'm pretty chill. Non-melting candies....what are your favorites? Hrm... I don't actually eat much candy of the non-melting variety. I have a thing for chocolate covered raisins, but they're partially melty. I like Jelly Bellys in the coconut, watermelon, root beer, and juicy pear flavors. Oh, a big part of this may be that many non-melty candies contain gelatin and I can't eat them. Skittles, Starburst, Junior Mints, many jelly beans, most gummies... the list goes on. What are you happiest about (besides SW)? What makes you feel good this summer? Any summer? Well, I'm not a huge fan of hot weather, so summer is a bit mixed for me. I'm loving my new job... I am looking forward to getting the chance to wear clothes that will show off my tattoos! Do you like coffee and/or wine?[/b I drink espresso beverages (like mochas and such), but not plain coffee. I don't drink wine. What are your thoughts on World Market? I think it's pretty fun, though I haven't bought much there in a long time. They have fun candy! If you are a dog lover, or gigantic dog nerd like I am, would you like any breed-related items from this site? If so, which breed(s)? No thanks, I'm a cat person. A witch wants to cheer you up. What are we cheering you up from? In other words, what are the most pressing problems you're facing right now? Hmm... well my life is going pretty well right now. Probably boy confusion - I think I am in a fairly constant state of boy confusion. Who out there is equally challenged and would appreciate icons/banners as witchy gifts? I don't need any, I don't think... Lip balm? I'm all stocked up, thanks! What's that one thing you keep meaning to get but keep forgetting or passing over? Metal Phoenix. My last witch sent me a decant and I liked it quite a bit, but I keep forgetting to look for one. Also Dorian. I love it, but I haven't ordered it yet. Have you any desire to read Hannibal? I have a moderate desire, so if you have a spare copy lying around I wouldn't mind it, but otherwise I can get it from the library someday. If your witch goes to Convergence (or is bestest friends with someone, same thing), is there anything you'd love to have? I'm not exactly sure what Convergence is, but I get the idea it is some *really cool* thing that I don't understand in my newbieness. Are you freaking out over any of the discontinued scents, dear fellow Witches? Well, I try not to get attached. Um... I'd like to try Strawberry Moon - it sounds pretty good, though that grass may not work. For those candy loving witchees. Are there any 3 that u love and would like more of? And, are there any 3 that u just cannot stand and would not like any of? 3 candies? Oh, I don't know anything specific. I think my candy preferences have been stated sufficiently. Do you have an electric stove, and would you like a bowl and tarts to use the residual heat (and for extra safety)? No thanks. What is your favorite classic fairy tale or children's story ? Sleeping Beauty - spinning wheels *and* a really awesome villain! What of the summer update (Egyptian, Lawn Ornaments, etc.) appeals most to you? Spinning Multicolored Metallic Pinwheel sounds interesting. The Egyptian ones all seem to have wood notes or myrrh / patchouli which aren't usually good on me. With all this talk of chocolate, do you prefer milk or dark? Either. Do you like coconut? Yes! I once had a dream that my favorite brand of lip gloss, Unpetroleum, came out with a coconut flavor. Then a week or so later I was walking down the street thinking about how awesome that was when I realized it had been a dream and I was very very sad. Puddin' posts ebay sales of older stuff every now and then - what of the current lot are you dying for? Erm... I don't see any. Do you tweet? Yes, I'm stariel on Twitter. I also plurk! What kind of mythology are you interested in? Hmm... I'm kind of interested in Norse mythology since I speak Norwegian, but that's about it.
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    Summer SW Questions 6/28

    Which flavors are you interested to try from the Chocolate Research Facility? Ooo, they have so many! I generally like chocolate with nuts and caramel, and especially marzipan. Do you wear makeup or nail polish? Need brushes, containers, storage, mani/pedi supplies? What colors and brands do you like? I don't wear makeup other than lip gloss, and my last SW stocked me up on that. I don't usually wear nail polish either since I have to wear gloves at work and wash my hands a million times a day... it doesn't hold up well. Do you like shiney hanging porch decorations like windchimes or those things that spin and swirl in the wind? I am sadly without a porch. Hair adornments? My hair doesn't really "do"... it's all slippery and doesn't like to stay in a style so the closest I get to an adornment is the occasional black elastic band holding it in a pony tail. Is there any infomercial product you're dying to try even though you know it probably sucks? Thankfully I've managed to avoid infomercials. What are your favorite websites (besides this one, and the online shops you listed in your questionnaire)? ravelry.com We have so many talented witches and they really need to promote themselves more so, if you made something by hand for a previous witchee or have an etsy store or some other outlet for hand made goods, will you post it here with pictures or links? Or, if you want to brag on a previous witch's talent, this is the place for that as well. I made socks for my last witchee, and have done a few for PIF too. I've also swapped knitting for other crafty skills and would be willing to do so again. I don't have an etsy shop since nothing is pre-made (nor would I normally sell my knitting, it just takes too long!) But if you're on Ravelry I'm stariel on there too. Or you can see most of my knitting on my flickr - here's the 2008 Sock Set. As for previous witches, my witch syrenemyst made me some awesome BPAL boxes! If you could make your perfect scent (or at least most desired at the moment!) what would be in it? Hmm... orange blossom, since that is the note that seems to be in many of my loved scents. And after that I don't know. Something sweet and fruity. So I have a question for the witchees, and hopefully mine will answer as well...In trying to decide what to fix for dinner, I thought that I've received some great recipes from friends (particularly the culinary mastermind that is scotchgrrl). I also have a few great recipes of my own. So would anyone like to receive some original, or very much loved recipes from his/her witch? I'd be happy to receive any vegetarian recipes. List things you DO NOT need any more of: *note that for all of the following if it is something really special (handmade by you or someone you know, really awesome etailer) I'd be happy to receive it, it's just stuff I don't need in general lip gloss (my last SW set me up for a while!) shower gels / soaps blank books / journals Is there something that would offend you if you received it in your mail/gift/email)? (as in profanity, a bad words in an email/card/music ... or a card or something with a scantily dressed man/woman pictured on it, crude/immature humor tshirts, etc ...) Hmm... Well I'm not all that easy to offend, but most of these things just aren't really my style. Profanity is ok in music if you think I'll love the music, otherwise it's best to avoid. Scantily dressed people of either gender don't really offend me, but they're also not my cup of tea. And crude/immature humor just isn't funny to me. In fact, most of the things that are supposed to be funny aren't to me. I think I just have a very odd / dry sense of humor. But certainly none of these on a t-shirt! What do you like to snack on? Kettle Korn, I'm obsessed. Other than that mostly beverages - I'm a big fan of coffee milk tea and Thai iced tea this time of year, and chai during the winter. What is the color scheme you use most when you decorate? Blue, blue, and blue. Yeah, mostly everything around here is blue, other than the walls which are beige but not by my choice. If you have music or DVD's on your wishlist, do you mind getting a burned copy? How about if it is original packaging but previously used? Or do you only want it new? Used is fine, but I'd rather not have a burned copy. I like to have the artwork for CDs and DVDs. Who is your favorite artist? What are some of your favorite pieces of their work? This is such a tough question! I am a fan of Escher and some of the less weird Dali paintings - I used to have a poster of one with butterflies and their shadows. And Starry Night, for obvious reasons. Are you a candles person, incense person, or just a BPTP spritzer for room scents? Candles are great, I'm not a big fan of incense, and I've never had BPTP room sprays. What is your favorite latin or faux latiny phrase? I don't think I have one! How are you doing for BPAL storage? Need any boxes? My last SW made me some beautiful boxes, but I wouldn't mind some more imp storage. Is there any place you've visited where you feel like you left your heart there? Norway. I studied abroad there in college and still have friends that I keep in contact with occasionally. I hope to go back and visit soon. What one item would you just love to have that is made by a Switch Witch? Hmm... another hard question. I'll probably appreciate almost anything made by my witch! Is your abode a palace covered in fur, a disaster area ,or a neat freaks delight? Currently it's a fur-covered disaster area, but now that I have a new vacuum and will have weekends off work it should be getting better. Are there any phobias you have that you absolutely, positively, do NOT want anything from your witch referencing? Not phobias really, but I'm not a fan of clowns. Are you a good witch or a bad witch? I'd like to say I'm a bad witch, but I'm a total goody two shoes. What kind of a car do you drive and would you want something you could use in your car? Rear view mirror charms, steering wheel covers (a new thinkg for the knitters ), car blessing medicine bags I don't have a car, so no car things necessary. Do you want to know when you have something coming in the mail, or would you rather it be a complete surprise? Either way is fine. I don't really care much about surprises so if you want to warn me I'd be glad to know. What is your mailbox situation? I have a small locking mailbox but most packages won't fit in there - my mail carrier usually just leaves them outside my door. If the package is meltable and it's possible you might want to try to time it to arrive on a Saturday. Or I'm sure there's a way to mark it not to leave? Then I'll have to go retrieve it at the PO, but that's fine with me.
  8. stariel

    Summer SW Questions 6/25

    Are you interested in Tarot or Tarot art? I think some Tarot cards are pretty, but that's about it. What would you think of soap samples/shampoo bar samples? (I believe the latter can be used as soap if you are not shampoo bar inclined). Or other sample sized bath/beauty products, for that matter? I rarely use bar soap and I'm not really a fan of solid shampoo. What about burnables as in candles, tarts and/or incense? I am a fan of scented or beeswax candles, but I have quite a few. Who knits? Do you also spin and dye? What supplies, that you wouldn't buy for yourself, would you just love to have for that activity? I knit and spin and occasionally dye. I think I have all of the supplies I need - I've been a bit indulgent lately. But if my witch is dying to get me something knit-spin related I wouldn't mind a pretty orifice hool / WPI tool for spinning. Otherwise I'm really doing just fine. Do you like coffee? Whole bean or ground? Bold/Medium/Mild roast? I only drink coffee-flavored beverages, like mochas and such, and I don't make coffee at home. So you have enough socks and wraps... (shush, VCW!) Are there any other knitted goods you might like? Lap blanket? Fingerless gloves? Arm warmers? Little knitted animals? Silk scarf? Head band? Wrist cuff? Dish clothes? I'd appreciate any knitting gift, though I think knitted dish cloths are just too pretty to use. Knitted animals would be cute! Are you obsessed with honey? If so, is there a particular kind you like best? Spun honey, flavored honeys, certain types of honey....etc. Hmm... not obsessed, but I do like creamed honey. What are your favorite materials? Or material things? Some people like jewelry, some like woods, some plants... I like plants and jewelry and yarn, but I have lots of that... Is there anything you've been wanting to learn that your witch might be able to help you with? Not that I can think of. I do want to learn to weave, but unless my witch is going to come over I don't think s/he can help me. I already have fabulous books. Posters, yes or no? Sure. What are your favorite animals? Or, what animals resonate strongly with you? Fish, especially bright tropical ones, and cats. Are there any historical figures you are particularly interested in - say, that you'd enjoy reading about, or movies, etc.? Not really. What, if anything, are you earwormed with right now? This song by The Fray is always playing on the radio station that my old-work listens to. But my last full day was Tuesday so I think I'm going to be saved. What scent are you wearing right now, if any? Succubus Anyone reading an amazing book right now? I'm reading The World Without Us which is quite interesting. What socially responsible site would you recommend to ALL Witches? Uh... no clue. What is your favorite anime, or if you don't like that what is your favorite animated series? Do you like villains that are funny because they are meant to be, or are you like me and love the villain that just can't seem to get his evil schemes to work? I don't watch anime and I don't really have a favorite animated series either. I like villains that are good at what they do, but I don't think they're funny. My favorite Disney character was Maleficent. Tea. How do you feel about it? I like it, but only some kinds. would my future witchee like to receive steampunk style jewelry? I suppose. I'm not super steampunk, but jewelry would be fine. Does your feline like catnip? Probably, but I try to keep them from it. Salt soap bars (soap made with a large quantity of salt, like salt-scrub-in-a-bar)? I'd give it a try. How would you feel about homemade jelly/jam from home-grown berries? Yes! Especially if it was blackberry! Homemade dill pickles? Made from cukes, beans, snap peas, baby zucchini? Sure. Based on Prior Carnivale act prototypes...which one are you truly excited about? Uh... prototypes? Well, I really like Zarita... Would it bother you if you are not the first person to receive the same gift? Imagine a Witch who always sends her favourite book, for example. That would be fine by me if it was something my witch thought I would like. Pets: What do you have, and do they need/want anything? I have two cats, and they're pretty well spoiled. They can't really eat treats because of dietary restrictions, but they'd probably appreciate toys. Does anyone play video games? What platform(s)? Are there any new or vintage games you would like? I don't. I'd like to get an Xbox 360 so I can watch instant Netflix and play RockBand with people I know in Boston, though... Twilight fans, would you be interested in any products from this Etsy seller? If so, add the items you like to your Etsy favorites and make sure your wishlist is posted somewhere for your witch. Not particularly, though I wouldn't mind trying it. Are you in need of decanting supplies, wand caps, or other scent-related paraphernalia? I'd love some wand caps, otherwise I'm doing pretty well.
  9. stariel

    Summer SW Questions 6/21

    Are there any single notes (likely non bpal) that anyone is dying to have/try? Can't think of any. Netflix or the likes gift subscriptions? A month of Netflix vs a DvD? I have a Netflix subscription, which I love, and a very full queue. Adorable Japanese characters? I guess I don't know of any... There was this adorable hedgehog bag a friend had that was the perfect size for a sock project, but I don't know if that counts as a "character". My fiance sent me an early dvd rip of Coraline that he was given (pretty sure it's not been released yet, but I sometimes have a hard time keeping up) and I was wondering if anyone would like a copy of it? No thanks, I'm going to buy it when it comes out anyway. Do you collect dolls or miniatures? What kind? Do you like to get new clothes or items for them? I do have a Blythe and another doll about the same size with jointed arms and legs that doesn't have the crazy eyes. I planned to knit clothes for them, but it hasn't happened, so if my witch likes to make stuff for them that would be cool! If you were to make a seasonal mix CD for this summer, what would you name it? Something boring I'm sure. Once my knitting group exchanged mix CDs and one person called theirs "Summer Affective Disorder" which was kind of cute. Would you like any recycle/upcycle supplies for your crafting? I have tons of yarn, so it's really not necessary (though if my witch spins or dyes I'd always love to get custom yarn!) Is there a program you might have missed or show you love which is gone from the airwaves which might be found (or burned) for you by a Witch? No, I think I've done pretty well on those so far. Do you play any online games, like World of Warcraft? If so, what server do you play on, what's your character's name, etc.? Nope. Would anyone like bath bombs or bath melts scented with one of their favorite Bpal scents? I do these for myself sometimes and find them to be quite enjoyable. Sure, that sounds awesome! Would you like homemade cinnamon buns or sticky buns? Yes, if you think they'll survive the mail. It's not all that hot here, but I guess it depends on where they're being shipped from. Is there anyone here that likes Hello Kitty or any other Sanrio Characters? I like cute stationery and such, but there's not a particular character I like. I used to have some stuff when it was Hello Kitty and stars! Any non NZ or Aus witchee that I get gets Tim Tams, OK? Yes please! I've always wanted to try them. For non-US witches: is there anything from the US you'd love that you can't get where you live now? I'm going to reverse this since I am a US witch. If I happen to have a witch in England I once got some little chocolates in a bag called Thornton's Choccies that were apricot and oatmeal. So delicious! So if they have those in your neighborhood, I'd adore some! What kinds of crafts does everyone either enjoy making or enjoy getting? Do you have a certain type of handmade item that you love to collect? Socks, boxes, jewelry, dolls etc? I enjoy knitting and make mostly socks, though I can do just about anything if my witchee happens to not be a sock person. I also spin! I like to collect handmade art that I can hang on my wall - I have a sort of theme going with blue, purple, and stars and art from many friends and a few BPALers is hung around my apartment. I also love anything and everything with stars (the 5-pointed shape). Clearly, vegans are not into soaps with honey or milk, etc. But, if you're NOT a vegan, how would you feel about soaps made with emu oil? Squicked out/concerned about animal cruelty, or willing to try them? I'm not vegan, so honey and milk are ok, but I am vegetarian and wouldn't want soaps with emu oil. (also, I totally just typed "emo oil" and corrected it ohmy.gif ) Are there any of the BPTP bath oils you adore (particularly ones that you cannot get anymore). What about the room sprays? I haven't ever tried any BPTP stuff but I'd be open to it! How would you feel about an ultra-girlie shawl or wrap in summer-weight (lace)? I'm not really that girly... I am planning to knit a small lacy sharf (a mini-shawl to be worn as a scarf, basically) mostly because I just want to knit some lace! What would you think of hand-dyed items? I'm not sure about clothing items, but if it was something else like, say, pillow cases that would be fun. (What, I like crazy bedding, ok! It would go great with my skull sheets! icon_wink.gif ) P.S. Maybe undies. Because I also like crazy undies. So, I hear you don't like lacy wraps! How do you feel about hand-knit socks? So glad you asked... I adore handknit socks! Though, being an avid sock knitter myself, I have quite a few... But I wouldn't turn down more!
  10. stariel

    More Questions - 12/31

    Who is your favorite villain of all-time? Everyone else mentioned such good ones - I guess the #1 would have to be Snape. Does anyone like Valerie Anands books?Or her Psuedonym Fiona Buckley...? Nope, never heard of them. If you could subscribe to every magazine you wanted, money no object, what would your list of magazines that would decorate your coffee table be? I'm not really into magazines. But I suppose I'd take most of the knitting / spinning ones if money wasn't an object. What plans does everyone have for NYE? Not much, I have my Martinelli's and I'm having a quiet evening at home. Who is interested in the room sprays? esp. from the inquisition? I know nothing about them, but I like my rooms to smell yummy too, so sure. Who's a Disney fan? Cartoons, theme parks, or just general stuff? I'm not a big Disney fan, although I do like some of their older movies. Sleeping Beauty is my fave with The Little Mermaid as a close second. Do you like mythical/fantastical creatures? Which ones? I like most mythical horse-type creatures, fairies, and mermaids... though mermaids have gotten a bit old since The Little Mermaid. What's on your key chain? I have a few store cards and some keys (of course!) on a ring with a little dragonfly key-hangy thing. You can hang it over the pocket on a purse or something so you can find the keys. I had a keychain from Scotland but it broke. My dragonfly is getting chipped too, so I'm definitely in the market for new sturdy keychains. Do you like caramels like coconut lime? Salted? Yum! I adore caramels, with nuts and chocolate are my fave, but coconut lime sounds nummy and salted does too. Do you speak any languages besides English? How fluent are you? Would you be interested in literature in a foreign laguage - phrase books, fiction, childrens stories? I speak Norwegian pretty well - I majored in it in college, but I haven't had many chances to practice since so I'm a little rusty. I would be interested in books - fiction at the young adult reading level is probably about where I am, and I have my handy dictionary to look up anything I don't understand. I also speak a little bit of French... I took 3 1/2 years in high school but now when I try Norwegian comes out, but I can still understand it a bit. What's your favorite animal? OK, I swear I answered this but I guess I didn't. I like horses, cats, and fish. Porcupine puffers especially. I'd like to know wrist size, circumference just below the elbow, and most importantly; what kind of fiber can you tolerate/not tolerate. Please be more specific than non-itchy wool. Alpaca, merino sheep's wool, silk, acrylic, stainless steel, you name it. wrist: 6" below elbow: 10" I can tolerate all fibers, though I avoid silk for vegetarian reasons. Question to all the knitters out there, what size knitting needles do you use the most? I almost always knit socks, and 2.25mm (size 1) needles are the ones I use most.
  11. stariel

    More Questions - 12/17

    How do you feel about winter-themed but not really holiday type decorations? Things like snowflakes and fake icicles and the like? I like snowflakes, but I don't really decorate much. I have candy cane fleece PJ pants that I wear whenever it's cold, along with my Jack o' Lantern fleece blanket - there's a lot of holiday mixing. Do you have a personal 'Good Luck' charm? Maybe you have a goddess figure to remind you of your Inner Goddess, or maybe you have a beautiful Cross to represent your faith...Or maybe you wear a Hand of Fatimah for protection....That kind of thing. Not really. I usually wear a star necklace (one of a few that I own) but it's not a 'Good Luck' charm. If you were to attend Hogwarts, into which House would you be sorted? I tend to evenly split between Gryfindor or Ravenclaw depending on which test I take. Would you be interested in some knitted wire jewelry? I don't really wear dangle earrings, but I've seen wire knitted bracelets and I think they are supercool! This is kind of a getting-to-know-you-type-thingie, but I always find it illuminating--what's on your computer desktop? Images? Color scheme? At the moment it's Peter Petrelli from Heroes because he kind of reminds me of my crush. Plus it's a cool show. Usually it's pictures I've taken - I had a graveyard in Mass from about August to November. What do you collect...besides BPAL? Sock yarn. Also star stuff. That's about it. Anyone a fan of Goddess art? Not really. Anyone else a Luis Royo fan? No idea who that is. What are your favorite websites (i.e., the ones you visit every day, or almost every day)? livejournal, plurk, Molehill Empire (stay away, it's addictive!), and Gmail How do you feel about Lush? Anything you want to try? I like a lot of Lush stuff. I don't often take baths, but when I do I love bath bombs or bubble bars - I just had a Lush bubble bath today! I never really keep track of what they have, but I like fruity / foody scents the most. And I adore I Love Juicy shampoo and Charity Pot lotion. How do you feel about home made lip balm, salt or sugar scrubs, soap, bath salts, etc? Yay! I am a lip balm addict. if you were to receive a hand-knitted item, what color(s) would you prefer AND are there any types of yarn that you just cannot handle (e.g. wool, llama, etc.) Blue is my favorite color, I also like purple, black and grey. Some greens are good too. I don't do silk, but other than that I'm good on all yarnyness.
  12. stariel

    SW Questions Part 3:

    What is one REALLY expensive, completely outrageous thing you would LOVE to get but totally don't expect to ever get from anyone? An antique (or new, new is fine!) circular sock knitting machine. Like these. I've been rather obsessed with them for a while now, but I can't bring myself to drop upwards of $1000 on one since - as my friends say - "But you *are* a sock knitting machine!" Do you like coffee mugs? Travel or stay at home? How big? Do you like ones from Starbucks? I do like mugs. I have quite a few travel ones, and actually I rarely travel with beverages. As for home mugs, I have a favorite mug with dragonflies on it that is one of the tall variety that tapers towards the bottom and I'd love another one in that size/shape. Probably 16oz or so. Starbucks has one that's like a cup (the green + white, not the Christmas one) that has the little rectangles on the side to write in your drink order... I think that's cute. If you drink coffee, do you like whole bean coffee or prefer ground? What grind? What roast (mild, medium, bold, extra bold)? Do you like flavored coffee? I don't drink coffee at home. Do you like tea? What kinds of tea (green, red, white, black, decaf, herbal infusions)? Feel free to get specific on brands and tea types. Loose or bagged? Do you need any kind of tea accessories? Pots/cozys/presses/strainers? I love tea! Loose or bagged is fine, I have a cute little mesh strainer. My favorite is chai - I like trying all types and I have a small collection. I'm not a huge fan of plain black tea, and I really don't like Earl Grey, but black flavored teas are pretty good. I have ginger peach, ginger pear, and vanilla ones that are all good. I'm also a fan of herbal tea - mint is a favorite. What is your favorite hot chocolate or drinking chocolate? Do you need Vegan or no? I don't really have a favorite, but I'm a big fan of peppermint hot chocolate. I'm not vegan, but I am vegetarian so marshmallows are usually a no-go. Also I can't eat most artificial sweeteners so stuff with sugar is most appreciated. Do you need any decanting supplies? Pipettes? Vials? How about any wand caps? Roller bottles? Some spray bottles (for oils mixed with alcohol?) I'd love wand caps (I only have one) or roller bottles (I have none). I haven't ever mixed oils with alcohol, but it sounds interesting. Probably not happening soon though. And a few vials and pipettes would be appreciated, I might like to make travel sizes of my fave bottles. I'm a newbie to this stuff. I wanted to ask a question: are there any rare (or even uber-rare) scents that you'd really like to try? I'm actually not sure what exactly is rare, although I am interested in trying Snow White and Sugar Skull, which I think are on the rare side. In general I'm just interested in trying pretty much anything - so far my BPAL experience has been fairly limited. Does your forum name have a special significance? Refer to something or someone you admire? Reflect your interests? Come on, spill! I've been obsessed with stars for a long time, and in high school I was lamenting my lack of a nickname. A girl I knew made up stariel since it combines "star" and "Ariel", which is my name. I guess you could say it stuck since now my mom even calls me Stariel occasionally! What's your favorite texture? I don't know that I have a favorite texture, although soft and fuzzy is always nice. What's one luxury item you want to pamper yourself with but haven't yet? I can't really think of anything. Oh, Malabrigo sock yarn, but I don't know that I'd be able to resist buying some if I saw it. Do you prefer arm warmers to the wrist, to the base of the fingers, or half fingered? I don't really wear armwarmers, but if I did I think I'd like them to have a little thumb hole and go to the base of the fingers. Any favorite cartoon characters? Disney, Sanrio, etc? Well, Ariel from The Little Mermaid is sort of a default favorite since we share the same name, people give me stuff sometimes... bookmarks and such. As a kid Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty was my favorite. Have you (or maybe the younguns in your family) been exposed to the Webkinz craze? Nope! Who's your favorite playwright? I don't know that I have one. I do like plays, though. Anyone into physical activities? ...is there anything you do as a sport/hobby in which you might need equipment? Nothing that needs equipment. Are there any witchy type supplies you're in need of, or would like to try etc.? Herbs, smudge sticks, resins, tarot/oracle cards, incense burners, pretty tools, stuff like that? Nope! On nut intolerance - does it include things like almond/coconut oil bases and essential oils in perfume oils, skincare products, scented candles and the like? N/A - I love nuts If you are a fan, who were your favorite Buffy and Angel characters? I am a fan, but that's a hard question! I think I am most like Willow, or perhaps Fred. But my favorites have to be Angel and Spike - a tie. Do you like Shakespeare? Which plays? I do, I've read quite a few of them and enjoyed it, but I'd have to say A Midsummer Night's Dream is probably my favorite. Question for the Class: Favorite Musical? I don't have one of those either.
  13. stariel

    Questions Part 2

    Who are your forum friends, person or people your witch can contact for ideas? That would be bryghtrose, one of my very good IRL friends in Boston who was so nice as to get me into BPAL. Also HennaFairy, who I met online and IRL a few years back, she knows me pretty well too. What cartoons did you grow up watching? Any animated shows you still watch? I wasn't allowed to watch cartoons as a kid, so none. And I don't watch TV really, although I did like Fairly Odd Parents the few times I saw it. Do you like honey? Will you like to try creamy honey with black sesame or with cinnamon powder? I like honey pretty well. Cinnamon sounds yummy. What is the biggest problem or sad thing in your life? Of course, I mean the saddest or worst thing you can confess here. At the moment my life is sort of in limbo. I just left Boston and moved cross-country back "home" and I'm currently looking for a job. Once I find one I'll have to find an apartment in Seattle and then move my stuff, which is currently residing in my mom's garage in Oregon. So it's been pretty stressful and then there are the money issues that come with not having a job. But hopefully it will be resolved in the near future. And I need to find new friends since only a few of my friends are left in Seattle, and there's always the boy-drama... What fashion item or style do you like, but never wear? I'm very attracted to goth fashion (corsets, frilly lacy black things, the whole look in general) but I'm a very low-maintenance jeans and a T-shirt type of girl. Also jewelry - I adore jewelry but I rarely remember to put it on (the earrings stay on) - so once in a while I'll put on a ring or necklace and then wear it pretty much forever until I have to take it off for some reason and then I just go without. Are you planning on buying anything off your BPAL wishlist during the round? Because of the current state of financial limbo, probably not. Once I get a job I'll be dealing with moving costs and all those little home things that didn't make the trek across the country. Do you read graphic novels/comics? Which ones? Nope. Which witches would want Bpal boxes? Or imp cases? *raises hand* I currently have one box that a lovely forumite sent me when I bought some BPAL from her that holds 4 bottles. I have more than 4. And my imps are currently residing in ziploc bags or scattered in a ceramic bowl on the dresser. How about a short - or longer - piece of fanfic? I'm not really into fanfic, I never saw any until recently when I attempted to read some Twilight stuff and it just didn't interest me. What is the weirdest and/or most practical thing you are not buying for yourself right now? The thing that you probably should be buying, but have been putting off in lieu of something else? Everything. Aside from falling down and buying some yarn and a new coat this week I haven't been buying anything! Would you like handmade piece of calligraphy as a gift? Sure! I'm a huge fan of wall-hangable art of any kind. I have a small collection from friends who paint, and a lovely one from GirlInDenial from the Pay It Forward thread! What jewelry are you wearing now? What jewelry do you wear everyday-or do you change jewelry all the time? At the moment I'm wearing a little silver star on a chain, it has a little blue stone and my name on the back and was a birthday gift from a good friend. I'm wearing 4 pairs of earrings - from bottom to top: long spiraly metal ones (14g), light blue star studs, dark blue star studs, and fixed ball rings in the cartilage. I'm wearing a ring on my right hand - silver with stars on it and an inscription about stars inside, it was a graduation gift from my then-boyfriend. (You may have noticed a star theme...) I don't change jewelry often, but when I get the desire to change I'll put something different on, and then it stays until I take it off for some reason. Boxes, baskets, etc.? I'm not really into containers for no reason, but I like boxes with stars on them (of course) and things for BPAL storage would always be appreciated. Chia Pet, do you need one? As tempting as that is, the cats would probably destroy it. So no, I don't think a Chia Pet will be necessary. Houseplants and/or things to put them in: thoughts? I used to have TONS of houseplants in college, and a few in Boston but of course none of them made the move... 6 days in the back of a hot UHaul in the summer? I just gave them to friends before I left. But the cats tend to uproot them so I don't think I'll bother getting any more. Do you like baskets, jars and other interesting containers? Filled or Empty? I suppose I do like interesting containers, especially if they're filled with something awesome! How do you like your chocolate? White, milk, bittersweet, as dark as possible? Plain, with flavoring, with chunks of stuff in? Fairly traditional, or weird and experimental? I like most chocolate - white isn't my fave but it's still ok. I'd rather have chocolate with fruit or nuts or caramel than plain, but I'll eat plain stuff too. I don't know what exactly "weird and experimental" chocolate would be, but I suppose I could find out... Favorite animals? Least favorite? I like the vast majority of animals. My favorite would have to be fish (colorful tropical and saltwater primarily), cats, and horses... I guess. Least favorite: mosquitoes - for obvious reasons, and monkeys. Monkeys just creep me out, I think it's because they look almost-but-not-quite human. How do you feel about Heifer International? Or do you have other favorite charities not mentioned in your application? I don't really know much about Heifer International. As far as charities go I usually go with local ones or Doctors without Borders. So for all witches of the shimmying types- would you like tassel belts/jingle belts/ ect and if so, how big are your hips? Not a shimmying type. What are 3 places that you'd like to visit, or re-visit? Norway - I was there in 2002 for a study abroad and I'd love to go back both to see more of the country - probably more of Scandinavia in general too - and to visit friends that I haven't seen since 2002! London - I don't know why, but I really want to go to London. Maybe it's Dr. Who. Australia - I want to see the Great Barrier Reef before it's gone. Literary erotica. Who doesn't love it? I don't love it. I'm kind of a prude.
  14. stariel

    SW Questions: Part 1

    So here goes with the questions... Question for future witchee: Would you like to receive ATCs or would you prefer something more usable, like bookmarks or something? Either is fine, I never manage to use bookmarks anyway, it's old receipts all the way. Everyone who wants a beaded potholder, please to be raising the hands! I also wonder about the utility of beaded potholders, but why not? Since we're talking about warm winter wearables, who likes hats? Mittens? Arm warmers? Being a knitter I have quite the collection, though now that I've moved to a warmer climate I don't know how often I'm going to use them. But I only have one pair of mittens, I could use more of those. Who would like a pair of handknit socks? Size? Color preference? Cabled, ribbed (for your pleasure), stranded colorwork, etc.? I have *tons* of handknit socks since it's about all I knit, but I never say no to more. I wear a size 6ish shoe (I usually make the finished foot 9" including the toe). Blue! Love cables, ribs, and lace. Colorwork is one thing I don't currently have in my socks! If your witch were to send you cookies, what kind of cookies would you like? Oooo, any kind of cookie. Molasses... butterscotch chip... biscottti. Now I'm going to have to go make cookies. Who likes tshirts? What about homemade tshirts? Like with transfers I made myself.... I like t-shirts! I've even made a few stenciled ones myself. Another question! How does everyone feel about steampunk? (It's my new obsession, so I thought I'd ask.) I don't think I quite "get" what steampunk is, but I think the steampunked keyboards are pretty nifty. So, question all- how do people feel about unusual ornaments? As in, for holidays other than Christmas? I don't really use ornaments at all, but I have no problem with unusual vs. normal. Anyone else a total nerd like me and would like DnD/Roleplay stuff (Dice, minis, books, corny tees, etc.)? Nope, one hobby I haven't picked up on. Who likes yarn? What kinds/colors/weights/fibers? Handspun? Glitter? Funky art yarn made from shredded jeans, fake flowers, lace, sequins, and the tattered souls of your enemies? Other craft supplies you desperately want more of and can't live without? I love yarn! Generally sock yarn in any fiber except silk. Handspun is extra yummy, glitter is GO, and art yarn is interesting if not always practical. Which witches would like hair accessories: clips, scrunchies, hairsticks, headscarves, etc? I wish I could, my hair doesn't do accessories other than simple hairbands to hold it in a ponytail on occasion. I told this to my friend and she didn't believe me til she tried to do my hair with clips one night and they were sliding out halfway through dinner. Hand beaded jewelery, yay or nay? Yay! To make up for the fact that I probably won't be able to send my witchee homebaked goodies, will Tim Tams in any number of varieties be an acceptable replacement? I have been dying to try Tim Tams even since I heard of them - provided they're vegetarian of course. Is there any time during the holidays (or the rest of the round) when you'll be away from home for a significant period and it'd be best not to send anything by mail? Not that I know of, and even if I were my address would still work. Speaking of which, how many Browncoat witches do we have?? And if you are, would you be interested in getting a Kaylee parasol? If not, would you be interested in getting a paper parasol hand painted with your favorite colors? *raises hand* I'm a big fan of Firefly and Serenity, although I don't know what I would do with a Kaylee parasol. Like big enough to use or just for decoration? It seems like are quite a few knitting witches, so I assume they are on the Ravelry forum as well. If so, what are your names on there so I can stalk you? I'm stariel on Ravelry too. I'm stariel everywhere. Would you personally rather get handmade jewelry or the beads to make something yourself? I'd rather get the finished item, I'm not that much of a beader so I'm sure my witch could do it better. Do you like to cook? if so, what? Would you like things like spices, cookbooks, recipes, tips? I do like to cook, but I bake more. Vegetarian recipes (especially Indian and Thai food) and recipes for baked goods are always welcome. I have quite a few cookbooks that I don't use much, but if there's an amazing one you know of then by all means. Do any of you like puzzle books? A friend tried to get me into Sudoku, and though I do enjoy it I don't often have the motivation to go start one - if I do I can't rest til it's finished. I love Christmas music even though I'm pagany -- how about you? Not really. I like to sing and there are a few Christmas carols that I sing, but I don't actually listen to Christmas music. Anyone else have a sudden and unexpected favorite BPAL lately? I have an ongoing obsession with Succubus, but that's really not unexpected or sudden. I just got an imp of Lolita and loved it at first sniff... It's cold outside - what are your favorite drinks to keep yourself warm and cozy? I love hot chocolate, chai, other tea, and hot apple cider (cold too!). When I'm going out I'm all about peppermint mochas. Would my potential Witchee be up for some music stuff they'd never heard before if they couldn't understand the words? Not understanding the words isn't a huge issue for me, but I'm rather picky about music. I really can't stand any rap / R&B or most country music, and I'm not into pop much either. And then even with genres of music I supposedly like (prog rock, metal, grunge, alternative, some punk), I'm very picky artist to artist - often for reasons I can't explain and which no one else seems to grasp. What kind of candy/sweet treat would you like to receive? I love marzipan and caramel, both chocolate-covered. I also like chocolate with nuts and sometimes fruit - like orange or cranberry... yum! And cookies are a favorite as well.
  15. stariel


    Upon opening the imp I thought "Wait, I know this smell..." It smells like a box of Jelly Bellys. A sort of overall fruity candy sweetness. This opinion may be influenced by the fact that my favorite flavor is watermelon. On me it smells like some sort of fruit candy - very sweet with a vague fruitiness, but somehow flat. There just isn't really anything else to it. But it's nice, if you want to smell like a jelly bean or Jolly Rancher.
  16. stariel


    I heard tales of the peachyness of this scent, and my friend disliked it because it made her smell like a can of peaches. I'm all about fruity scents, so I was really excited to try it. On the first try (a swipe from the friend's imp) it went to powder almost immediately. Recently I was frimped my very own imp and decided to give it another shot. The smell in the imp is lovely - I smell the fruity peach smell out front and I love it! On me this time it turns to a musk with a slight powdery background (I'm assuming this is the amber) and a faint bit of peach. It's not bad, but it's not the peachy scent I had hoped for.
  17. stariel

    Vampire Tears

    I wish I got more of the citrus that everyone is talking about because I love citrus, but I don't. I love Vampire Tears anyway. On me it smells like baked goods - I am reminded of cake batter but someone else mentioned sugar cookies which is also a good description. I don't even smell an undertone of floral, and no citrus either. So not very vampiric, but yummy all the same.
  18. stariel


    It seems I'm the odd one out, because I *love* Succubus. I'm really not all that great at distinguishing notes, but on me it smells very sweet and fruity with just a touch of floral underneath. In the bottle and just after putting it on, it's a bit floral for my taste but it quickly mellows into the sweet scent I love. It doesn't have much throw, but then again neither does anything I've tried so far. It does, however, last quite a while.