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BPAL Madness!
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April's scents

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April 1: Samhain (my 2007 decant) - not sure why, just fancied it. Delish warmth!


April 2: March Hare; I've continually searched for an apricot scent like this since and haven't found it.


April 3: Sherlock Holmes! And it works really well in my scent locket as well.


April 4: Testing day today, so a cacophany of scent... went for Snake Oil after a while. Mmm, sweet!


April 5: Kitty (old roller decant). Bit too sweet and sticky.


April 6: Haloes. This is my jam! Nice sweet vanilla but with a woody undertone that stops it being too cloying.


April 7: Night's Bridge.


April 8: Yuletide at Heathrow (from a decant). Yummy, very like my lost lamented Death of the Gravedigger. May have to hunt for a fullsize of this one.


April 9: Black Moths


April 10: Please Scream Inside Your Haunted House

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