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BPAL Madness!
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Switch Witch Questions and Answers

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From the Weenie Update....what are you most wanting to try? I will definately buy Autumn Cider and Le Revenant. I would like to try (maybe just a decant) of October 2011, Golden Apple of the Sun, Tree of Life (I may buy this), La Calavera Catrina


Who's into nail polish? What colors/brands? I like it but pretty much have all I need. My nails don't grow well so I am currently going to try out the gel system-Red Carpet Manicure and see if it helps

Is there a quote (or lyric or part of a poem) that really resonates with you or is your favorite? not really



Dream candle? Scent, color, type (tealight, votive, pillar, jar, etc.), throw...

I like tarts with a strong throw. Foodie, green and grassy, eucalyptus, whatever I like it

Do you like knitted goodies? If so, what would you like and what colors?

I live in Florida so they would be sadly underused, sorry

Would you be interested in homemade edibles that are NOT sweets? Any specifics? Yes, send it, send it all, yum. Of course low fat, low cal preferred Hubby is watching my health :ack:


What GC do you live in mortal terror of the lab discontinuing, but never get around to buying?

none that I can think of


Social Media?

only facebook

Do you have wishlists for non-BPAL e-tailers? And if so, could you provide a link or a list?

I have an Etsy wishlist but I have to update it and don't know how to link it, but I am LoriZav there too.

I am in love with those little tiny clay bluebirds


Witchee, do you use a PC or a Mac?



What is your favorite animal?



What are you going to be for Halloween?

Something scary

How do you feel about nick-knacks?

no space for them in my tiny home, except a bathroom shelf I am thinking about putting little birdies on-jeez when I get something in my head it sticks there


What traditions (family, holiday, or otherwise) are important to you? Going to Temple and then to church with my husband and step daughter. We are a mixed religion/language family

Do you like going to the movies?

No, my husband doesn't speak much English and I don't really enjoy going that much so we watch stuff at home with subtitles etc


What are your favorite restaurants?

Not big on eating out.


Do you play any video games?

No, I had a wii fit but we were robbed and they took all that stuff. Haven't had the money to replace it yet.


Do you like any anime?

No No No never no way


Do you have an E-reader/iPad/something similar that you need a cover/case for?

No, I like to turn pages


how much do you like jewelry? like, if you were to get a shit ton of it during the round, how excited would you be?

I like it but I also make it so I have a ton. If my witch were to make me something though, I would treasure it especially


How would you like to receive some of your Witch's favorite recipes, tailored to your likes/dietary restrictions? And specific wants?

Nah, I don't really cook from recipies and have a ton of cookbooks


Do you need any boxes to store your smellies in? What would you store in said hypothetical box--imps, bottles, supplies, all of the above?

No, I am all set


Muppets: yea or nay?

No no no again nope


Do you have an affinity for Calvin and Hobbes, Peanuts, The Far Side, and other comic strips? If so, which is your favorite?

Nah, don't like comics either-I am starting to sound cranky

Favorite Mythological Creature?:

Nope again


Do you like hair things barrettes, headbands, flowers

Not for me, maybe bows or something for the kid


Do you like to burn incense? If so, what are your favorite kinds...sticks? cones? resins? What are your favorite scents?

No, incense makes me feel sick to my stomach, but really I am not cranky

- Harry Potter - a fan? If so, what house are you?

Nope, maybe I am cranky


- If you were to receive a gift card, what places would you like to get one from?

Sephora, Etsy (do they even have them?) Home Depot, Publix I'm pretty practical


Is there a particular myth/folktale/legend/fairytale/godstory that you're drawn to? No, I must be cranky and boring :lol:

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