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BPAL Madness!
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Wish List

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Items for sale/swap are here. I'm extremely flexible when swapping, so make an offer! I'm sensitive to and can't wear a bunch of notes, so please don't take it personally if I turn down a swap.


Earthy, gently spicy, and golden resinous blends work best for me.


Favorite Notes: aspen leaves, balm of gilead, balsam, benzoin, cardamom, carnation, cherry tobacco, cocoa, dragon's blood (non-floral), ginger, heliotrope, moss, myrrh, nutmeg, red grave loam, sandalwood (hot, dry, smokey varieties), smoke, storax, subtle spices (allspice, cassia, cinnamon, clove), tonka, vanilla, white sage, yuzu


Favorite Scents: Sunbird, Snake Oil, Aged Penny Greadful


Favorites that broke the rules: All They Had Seen and All They Had Lost (mist, dew, rose, floral, seriously this should be awful on me), Clemence (decant smelled funky, caused hives. lab fresh bottle smells amazing, no rash), How Doth the Little Crocodile (mint, but no skin reaction)


Notes that cause skin irritation and hives: anise/star anise, bay, cassia, clove, cinnamon, lemongrass, mint, pennyroyal, pepper (all forms)


Doom Notes: anise, aquatic, blackberry, booze, butter, caramel, clean, dew, most florals (especially gardenia, iris, jasmine, orchid, rose, sweet pea, water lily), frankincense, grapefruit, green, herbal, honey, heavy incense, lemon, lime, mist, heavy musk, oak, ozone, heavy patchouli, powdery, sugar, rosewood, sassafras, teak



Bold items are most desired. :heart:


BPTP Atmosphere & Linen Sprays

Alchemical Laboratory goblin squirt or 1 oz. decant

Down the Rabbit Hole 4 oz.

Dungeon 1 oz. decant or more, pretty please!

Knock-a-Dolly 1 oz. decant or full 4 oz. bottle



Sunbird I just purchased the very last bottle from CBLDF :(


Death of Autumn not the really peppery version (my bottle was soft amber with gentle spice and balanced smoke)


Low Priority Bottles

none at the moment


LE Decants

I'd love freshly decanted 1/4 imps, most of these contain notes I'm allergic to.


Beauty, the Aggrieved

Door testable sniffie would be plenty

Flowering Chrysanthemums

Halloween: Los Angeles

Haloes testable sniffie would be plenty

Helios testable sniffie, frankincense smells like Comet Cleanser on me, sigh...

Jareth for the boymonster

Marquise de Carabas for the boy monster

The Magdalena

Monarch testable sniffie would be plenty

Pomegranate V testable sniffie would be plenty, pepper is not my friend

Schmendrick for the boymonster

Solar Phoenix testable sniffie would be plenty

Thousands of Lights testable sniffie, frankincense smells like Comet Cleanser on me, sigh...



GC Imps

Belle Epoque

Black Opal

Blood Amber

Bordello not aged, too sweet

The Butterfly

Chicken-Legged Hut

Death Cap


Le Lèthè

Maenad not aged, bitter

RPG: Half-Elf

RPG: Rogue


Wings of Azrael



Anti-Wish List

Seriously. Worst skin chemistry ever! I can't believe how many beautiful oils I've ruined. :(


Scents that cause skin irritation, hives: 13 (Feb. '09), Absinthe, Alice's Evidence, Bengal, Clemence (only my first decant), Dark Chocolate Pepper Smoked Caramel, Death of Autumn, Delphi, Faustus, Hod '09, High Priest Not To Be Described, Kabuki, Kyoto, Mad Hatter, March Hare, Namaste, Ogun, Plunder, Pfancy Pfefferneusse, Port-au-Prince, Pumpkin V '09, Saw-Scaled Viper, Shoggoth, Shub-Niggurath, Tweedledee, Velvet (if I re-apply too often), White Rabbit, plus a ton more, I really need to update this...


Berry + musk or honey (Bewitched, Lady Macbeth, Lady Una, Berry Moon) ammonia, cat wee

Black Musk (Isles of Demons, Pumpkin II '08, Haunted) evil stink coated in baby powder, induces extreme nausea

Booze (Bon Viviant, Elegba, Lady Macbeth, Swank, Twenty-one) that's a no, ugh

Bulgur Rose (Baghdad, Psyche) unripe green rose and stinky feet

Gardenia (Blood Countess, Highwayman, Le Serpent Qui Danse, Pepper, Sacred Whore) sharp, sour, biting

Green Tea (Bewitched, Embalming Fluid, Shanghai) super sharp and astringent

Honey (Bengal, O, Osun) dirty, sweaty

Iris (Florence, The Ghost, Nefertiti) sharp, bitter, almost metallic, hits high in back of throat

Jasmine (Black Dahlia, The Caterpillar, Crossroads, Delight, Mata Hari, Nuit) harsh, chemical, bug spray

Red Musk heavy (Dragon's Heart, Eat Me, Hollywood Babylon, Kabuki, Spellbound) so overpowering, I can taste it. Gah!

Rose (Lucy's Kiss, Kurukulla, Moscow, Rose Red '08, Seance, Zombi) ammonia

Sweet Pea (Desdemona, Agape) acrid, harsh, carpet cleaner

Vetiver sometimes (Azathoth, Fallen, Highwayman, Nephilim, Saturnalia, Wolfsbane) burning plastic or rubber tires

Water Lily (The Black Swan, Desdemona, The Lady of Shalott) sharp, ammonia

White, Pale Musk (Black Pearl, Dorian, Lady Una, Pride) soapy, shrill, nails on chalkboard, makes my teeth hurt

Wood (especially oak, rosewood, teak) butyric acid (vomit) covered in sawdust




Agrat-Bat-Mahlaht celery salt (from caramel), sour milk

Alecto pizza with a burnt cedar crust

Arkham sweaty, harsh floral, ammonia

Baobhan Sith moldy grapefruit rinds and tea leaves

The Coiled Serpent no, just no!

Delight deet bug spray (from jasmine) and acetone

Desdemona sweet pea and water lily? double fail!

Eat Me knock me down red musk, bitter burnt sugar

Falling Leaf Moon, Fascinum, Perversion, Samhain, Scales of Deprivation, Trevor Comet cleanser (from frankincense?)

Gladdener of All Hearts sour milk, nausea

The Hesperides green apple and butyric acid (from oak), reminds me of Firefly episode when River eats apples

Hurricane soap (from ozone) and butyric acid (from wood)

The Isles of Demons burning tires and ammonia

Mourning Moon wintergreen and pond scum, ugh

Niflheim soapy (from ozone), rotting flowers, menthol, dirty oil (from vetiver), acetone

Saturnalia acetone, suede, dill pickles

Wood Phoenix butyric acid (from woods), rancid nuts

Zombi well, yeah, that's exactly what I'd expect one to smell like

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