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BPAL Madness!
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Imps galore

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Juliet's Silk


The generous Medvssa sent me a couple of imps and they arrived today. I HAVE TO TRY THEM ALL.


I started with Brisingamen because this was the scent I looked forward to the most. In the bottle it smells beautifully golden sweet, just so great.

On my skin, though, it morphs into a really dry, perfumey powderey scent, and after it has dried - it's GONE! I mean, GONE. No! :) I know that my skin is prone to eat scents but that's really extreme. :(


Samhain 07 - in the imp, it smells GREAT. My nose only tells me yay or nay, nothing more distinct, though. :) Wet on the skin it's sweet pine. Pine with apples. Very fresh and very green. More apples than pine. Oy I love the apples!

Now as it is slowly drying, the apples fade and something biting, sharp, comes out.

It's gone now again. Again, all I can smell is apples. Sweet apples. Oy. Yum!


Seance - ugh wow that smells really... dusty. Interesting, I didn't know that a perfume could do that. I really don't want to smell like that but that's really interesting.


Rose Red 07 - that smells EXACTLY like the smell you get when entering a florist. This greenish smell of cut flowers. Exactly like that. Now I understand what the people mean when they say Rose Red smells like a "freshly cut rose". Emphasizing "freshly cut" and not "rose" here - because I don't get much rose, just a very faint hint of it. It's almost too sharp.

Good throw.


Two, Five, Seven That smells almost like The Unicorn to me. Very fresh and green. The rose comes out as soon as it starts to dry. The green freshness is still in the background.

Has almost no throw though, and starts to fade now.


Parlement of Foules 08 - It IS Rose and soft resins.I can smell exactly that although if I wouldn't know that there is rose in it I couldn't tell. Smells nice and sweet. If that is what white rose smells like, then I'm in love!

It also has enough throw that I don't have to sniff only my wrist.


Whip - whoa! That reminds me of... something. It smells... manly. Like some men's shower gel. I'm guessing this is the leather? It smells really nice - I don't get any roses. It's not me, though. I can see this working nicely on a handsome guy. :)


Western Diamondback - wow that is a thick oil! Sniffing the imp, I can immediately pick up the medicinal note Snake Oil had on me before it was aged. Dark, sweet, spicy vanilla, NO, Marzipan hits me after I apply it to the skin. MARZIPAN. Whoa! That smells nice. :) I can almost imagine someone confusing bottles and not filling Western Diamondback ("Snake Oil with leather, tonka bean, red sandalwood, and sage") in there because it doesn't smell like the description at all. I get sweet vanilla marzipan almonds. I guess it's the tonka? Oh if I could just compare to Dana O'Shee - because this smells like my memory of Dana O'Shee is.

Ah now the medicinical note comes through. Sigh. Ah, and there is the leather.

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Hmh, have yuo tried to apply body lotion (and let it sink for a while) before you try scents on? I find that when my skin is dry (and it tends to be) it eats up the perfume, and sometimes it smells a bit weird.


I also think for this reason I use more perfume than other people.

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"The very generous Medvssa" :neener:


I started to apply body lotion regularly just so that my skin wouldn't be so dry and hold the scent better. :blush: It doesn't help, though, I think I tried everything already - body lotion or oil applied just before applying BPAL, oil on the skin and wait for a couple of minutes before applying BPAL and so on. It doesn't help, and I guess it doesn't help that I like the light scents either. But since some scents have really good throw on me (Snake Oil/Western Diamondback for example, or even Alice!) I don't worry too much.

I think Brisingamen just doesn't work with my skin chemistry, because it's GONE - poof - after a couple of minutes.


But most importantly - thank you, so much, for letting me trying these scents! They were all amazing one way or the other, I'm still impressed with Rose Red - not that I want to wear it but I'm impressed by the craftsmanship of the scent, so to say.

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Glad to hear :neener:


Rose Red seems the only rose that has enough green for me to wear, hehe. Well, togheter with The House, a very gloomy rose with green and rotted wood. Oh and Madeline, where the rose is white and ther is also rot, I think.

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