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Very random. Very, very random.

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I got my CnS on Friday for my order of 13 and a set of imps. B) And then the Lunacy/Anniversary update arrived later on that night, and what to do, what to do? Actually, I'm not in as much of a quandary as some people, all of you lucky/unlucky ones who are able to wear a lot of different fragrances. (I say lucky because you get to wear a lot of different things, but it's unlucky for your bank account.) I'm still more jazzed about the new GC scents that showed up in the Halloweenie update, Mania, Horreur Sympathatique and Love Lies Bleeding -- they're in the imp pack. And I've also never tried Misk U, La Petite Mort or Nosferatu, so they're rounding out the six pack o' imps. I just know a GC bottle order is going to emerge from that set of imps.


For the sake of my bank account, and maybe my sanity, I feel rather fortunate that the GC scents seem to be my favorites and LEs don't tempt me that much. Except for the Lupercalia update last year, the LE releases usually don't work that well on me. I'll be interested to see if the release for Valentine's Day LE scents will be as wonderful for me as last year's. (I suppose it makes sense for someone with a forum name of valentina, huh?) And usually by the time that update arrives, I am ready to indulge myself -- it's the dead of winter, holidays are over, I'm in the midst of the legislative session. Ah, fingers crossed.


The election is tomorrow, and it's about time. I'm sure anyone here in the U.S. is probably sick of all the political ads, yard signs and mailings. Tomorrow I meet friends for coffee at noon in a downtown establishment, and it is always nuts downtown over the lunch hour on election day. Usually there's different candidates for some significant political office standing on the corners of the main downtown intersection, their supporters waving signs, whooping it up,and all that nonsense. Actually, it's pretty funny to watch. I remember several years ago, I was walking down the street, and a candidate for U.S. Senate was on the corner. His wife was with him, and I wasn't really paying attention to them until I got relatively close, and I looked up and caught her giving me the most wistful, plaintive look. She looked like she wanted nothing more than to just join me and walk down the street, away from the noise and glad-handing. The life of a political spouse -- you get to be with your mate once in a while, but generally, they're always "on." People dream of being famous, but really, I think it's more of a nightmare than a dream.


And say, you of the female persuasion, do you shave your armpits? A couple of years ago, for whatever reason, I decided to let my pit hair grow unchecked, starting in November. I think I relented and shaved it in late February. By then, I'd tired of it and the novelty had worn off. I had never, ever done that in my life, and I just wanted to see how long it would get. I felt so Euro. And it didn't turn into man-like pit pelts, anyway. But it just seemed a little nasty and sexy to let it grow, since in general I'm a rather groomed creature.


So do any males shave their pits? I have a gay friend who once drove to Denver (about an 8-hour trip), checked into a motel, shaved down his entire body and dyed his brown hair plutonium blonde. Now, WTF? I never did figure out if the shaving/dying project was the reason for the drive, or he decided to do it while he was on his little road trip. I asked him if he enjoyed being a girl, and he said it was entirely too much work. B)


I bought a Sirius radio car kit and installed it on Saturday, proof that it's so easy that a monkey could do it. I actually felt rather accomplished and it's fun to have even more options of stuff to listen to than what I already have going on in my car. I have the presets all established: two jazz channels, one acoustic singer-songwriter music, one trance/electronica, alternative rock from the 90's, a channel with only Canadian musicians, CNN news, Talk Left (of course, no Faux "fair and balanced for me), and the Met Opera. That is what is fun about satellite radio. And if I don't like anything on the 100+ channels, I shut it off and listen to Bob Schneider, for they don't have an "All Bob" channel yet. Howard Stern, no, I don't listen to him. Nor the comedy channels. On a long roadtrip (maybe to Denver to dye my hair and wax my entire body :)), I'd listen to comedy for a change of pace, but generally, music is where it's at.


It's Monday. I don't want to work, but I suppose I should get coffee and consider it.

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We got XM radio about 1-1/2 years ago and I really enjoy it. DH had it installed in his car and they gave us a free portable one that he hooked up for my office. I preset all the alternative channels (which are named Lucy, Fred and Ethel, har!) and the decades ones, '40s through now. Plus jazz, bluegrass, alt-country -- it must be 90% music. I love flipping through them all; you never know what will be playing, plus no commercials! :)


OK, body hair check: I haven't shaved my pits since the summer :thumbsup: It actually doesn't bother me one way or the other and DH doesn't care (at least no Sasquatch jokes yet). Plus you're right, it comes in pretty thin anyway.

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OK, don't laugh at me for only commenting on the armpit part of your post. I haven't thought about this in a while, so it's thanks to you that I'm thinking of it at all.


A guy I dated for a few years shaved not only his armpits but basically his entire body with an electric razor with the shortest possible guard. (He has no chest hair, so he didn't bother with his chest.) And what did he have on his head? Dreadlocks. Maybe he thought the rest of his hair just couldn't meet the standards his head was setting, so he got rid of all the rest of it. Who knows. It never bothered me at all; in fact I liked it. Except when his legs were all prickly.

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I wax my armpits. I've let them grow before, but I found that there was an inverse relationship between the amount of armpit hair I have and the effectiveness of my antiperspirant. And I hate the feeling of moist armpits.


I would not be freaked out by a guy who shaved his pits, and honestly, I would love to see all guys at least trim to their pit hair occationally.

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