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36 years old
March 31, 1978
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misfits, graveyards, decadence, adventures, vintage religious artifacts, wunderkammer, 70s horror films, big sur, lilith, hekate, persephone, cats, astrology, tarot, wine, edible flowers, tea, post-punk/old goth/new wave/old industrial music.

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Website URL  http://www.etsy.com/shop/mirrorghost


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ebisu making love as two octopuses look on
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in no particular order: gypsy queen, pink moon 07, thirteen oct. 06, dorian, snake charmer, glasgow, bakeneko, bordello, love and pain, queen mab, the emathides, green tree viper, TKO, dia, maiden, daiyu, aeronwen, the girl, tabella, lamia, deathrock, trick #1, the ecstasy of passion, midnight on the midway, carnivale diabolique, abhisarika, dolce stil nuovo, klara, maiden v2, harvest moon 2013, as above, so below.

notes i like: carnation, oakmoss, olive blossom, most musks (not blue), amber, leather, tobacco, rose, violet, tonka, wine (sometimes), all citrus notes, dirt, blackberry, incense, orchid, coconut, clove, smoke, ginger, tea, bergamot, vetiver (sometimes), vanilla, tuberose, chrysanthemum, copal, neroli, lavender, phlox, stephanotis, champaca.

notes that often don't work or that i just dislike: frankincense, sandalwood (sometimes), white florals, cake, milk/cream, caramel, paper/parchment, many woods, poppy, dragon's blood, ozone, metallics, beeswax, lotus (sometimes), plum often turns plasticky on me,as do many of the sweeter fruits.


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United States

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... > notes on notes.

Posted 29 January 2014

occasionally i come across a note in a description that is completely unfamiliar to me, at least by name, and sometimes the description is totally foreign as well. so here i will keep notes on unfamiliar notes for myself to refer to.

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... > impressions while going through my perfume in order to pare down.

Posted 15 August 2013

this week i randomly started trying imps that i haven't tried in a long time, to see how much i really want to keep them. just recording my impressions here for my own knowledge.

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... > collection of non-bpal bottles.

Posted 01 March 2012

i just realized i wanted a place to keep track of my non-BPAL stash, and here is a good place to do it!

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... > collection.

Posted 20 June 2011

LE 5mls

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... > saved from beauty secrets thread for my own reference

Posted 19 April 2011

Pure rosehip oil. I rub it on my face every morning and night, and it keeps my skin soft and glowy.Lightly dab tea-tree& lavender oil on the dark circles on your lower orbital bones before bed.Take vitamins, including a multi/daily, at least 600 mg Calcium and a Flax/Fish/Borage oil capsule, or just Flax and Borage if you're ...

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    17 Nov 2013 - 22:13
    How are you, my friend witchy :P
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    09 Sep 2011 - 13:23
    A few months late, but THANK you for the compliment on my Blanche icon! One of my fav episodes too! LOL
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    14 Sep 2010 - 21:16
    yes a shopping trip soon, let me know when you have time
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