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Submitted by: Herb Girl 
Submitted: Jul 11 2011 11:44 PM
Last updated: Jul 11 2011 11:44 PM
Feedback for Member: snapeophile
What was your overall experience?: Positive
What is the status of this transaction?: Complete
What kind of transaction was this?: Sale (s/he was the seller, I was the buyer)
When was this transaction finalized?: 11 Jul 2011
Where was this transaction arranged?: on-forum
Speed: Excellent
Packing Quality: Sufficient
Communication: Excellent
Comments: I bought a bottle of Kytherian and I am so happy to have it! :) Very generous extras as well...truly awewome seller - do not hesitate to purchase or swap with Snapeophile. :)
Would you recommend this person to potential swappers?: Yes
Unresolved Swap Report:


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