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Submitted by: jtb2008 
Submitted: May 19 2010 07:26 PM
Last updated: May 19 2010 07:26 PM
Feedback for Member: snapeophile
What was your overall experience?: Positive
What is the status of this transaction?: n/a
What kind of transaction was this?: legacy feedback
When was this transaction finalized?: 01 Jan 1970
Where was this transaction arranged?: n/a
Speed: Excellent
Packing Quality: Sufficient
Communication: Excellent
Comments: Kerry and I swapped bottles and I could not be more pleased with the experince. Communication was fantastic, everything was shipped quickly and safely and she included some great frimps (among other things). Ever part of the swap was great, and I would not hesitate to swap with her in the future.
Would you recommend this person to potential swappers?: Yes
Unresolved Swap Report:


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