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Time is a tricky thing

Posted by Antaria, 30 October 2007 · 228 views
Random stuff
I hate time. No, I hate not having enough time. I hate that you plan something in a nice way and then everything is changed again.

Okay, a look on the past weekend:
Saturday: Birthday from Olli's grandma. Before we went to her we had to go shopping - a gift for her and for Olli's mom.

Then coffee and dinner in a restaurant.

Sunday: Fish Fair wi...

Family problems 8th or - what's going on?

Posted by Antaria, 16 October 2007 · 157 views
Family and Friends
On Sunday I we have been to a new chineses restaurant and Ollis parents, his grandma and the boy from his sister have been there, too. It was really nice but ... something was diefferent. Apart from his mom telling me 300 times that it was so nice that we came too and that she did not expected us to come she told the boy several times to behave.



Posted by Antaria, 15 October 2007 · 169 views
Random stuff
Well, I am somewhere between great and really bad. Why?
Okay, lets start with bad (so that the good stuff is the stuff that I keep in mind in the end):
- my imac at work crashed
- I had to send it away so that they look up whats wrong with it and it will take approx. 3 weeks till I have it back - or was it till they know what is going on?
- I have to work...

Gym - we did it!

Posted by Antaria, 07 October 2007 · 178 views
Random stuff
So, we did it. We went there, we made a contract for 2 years and we had our first training. And I loved it!

For the first time in quite a long time I felt healthy and great and I was in a wonderful mood - well, I am still ;)

It was great, I would like to go right there again. NOW!

Well, but now I am stitting in our living room - alone - Olli...

Gym - or not?

Posted by Antaria, 07 October 2007 · 179 views
Random stuff
We are thinking about a membership in a gym. It is really cheap, the place looks good and so on - but we have to sign in for a 2 year memberchip. For 19,95 each. Inclusive isotonic drinks and all kind of classes.

And since we moved together, we haven't done any sports. I stopped horse riding when we started to date, stopped my normal dancing but we...

Dreamy mood

Posted by Antaria, 05 October 2007 · 148 views
Random stuff
Today I'm in a really dreamy mood.

It's really nice.

I enjoyed the strange bird-voices I heard this morning, I was thinking about the "Phantom of the Opera" musical. We saw it approx. a year ago and it was so wonderful. Well, after I was there I had a strange problem coming back into real life again. It took me weeks.

I think I will wat...

First LE Order

Posted by Antaria, 04 October 2007 · 184 views
I am pretty excited about my first LE-order. I tried to avoid LEs because I'm the kind of person who won't use something that might be unique and only once in a lifetime. Or I buy 3 or more (in this case bottles) and use the first one. But I think it is time to move on and to learn that even such things should be used. It makes no sense to keep th...


Posted by Antaria, 04 October 2007 · 138 views
Random stuff
My hands - yes, now both - are still in pain, but it is going better and better.

tendovaginitis - short break

Posted by Antaria, 24 September 2007 · 141 views
Random stuff

i guess i won't be able to write a lot in this week - i haven't seen a doctor but it's quite obvious: i have a tendovaginitis. i try to write with my left hand and to handle the mouse with the left hand. it's not as funny as i hoped ...

A visit by surprise!

Posted by Antaria, 21 September 2007 · 180 views
Family and Friends
A year ago a coworker of mine (wasn't working in the same department though) moved away from here. I was pretty sad about that. Sometimes I had problems with her because she is even more fragile goods than I am ... but I liked her a lot. We always had a lot to talk and to learn from each other and enjoyed our time together.

When she moved I knew that...

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