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Gym - we did it!

So, we did it. We went there, we made a contract for 2 years and we had our first training. And I loved it!

For the first time in quite a long time I felt healthy and great and I was in a wonderful mood - well, I am still ;)

It was great, I would like to go right there again. NOW!

Well, but now I am stitting in our living room - alone...

Gym - or not?

We are thinking about a membership in a gym. It is really cheap, the place looks good and so on - but we have to sign in for a 2 year memberchip. For 19,95 each. Inclusive isotonic drinks and all kind of classes.

And since we moved together, we haven't done any sports. I stopped horse riding when we started to date, stopped my normal...

Dreamy mood


First LE Order

I am pretty excited about my first LE-order. I tried to avoid LEs because I'm the kind of person who won't use something that might be unique and only once in a lifetime. Or I buy 3 or more (in this case bottles) and use the first one. But I think it is time to move on and to learn that even such things should be used. It makes no sense to...


My hands - yes, now both - are still in pain, but it is going better and better.

tendovaginitis - short break

i guess i won't be able to write a lot in this week - i haven't seen a doctor but it's quite obvious: i have a tendovaginitis. i try to write with my left hand and to handle the mouse with the left hand. it's not as funny as i hoped ...

A visit by surprise!

A year ago a coworker of mine (wasn't working in the same department though) moved away from here. I was pretty sad about that. Sometimes I had problems with her because she is even more fragile goods than I am ... but I liked her a lot. We always had a lot to talk and to learn from each other and enjoyed our time together.

When she moved I...

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