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liked and disliked notes

Posted by theseagrows, 27 June 2017 · 187 views

notes i love (or mostly like):
oakmoss, violet, tea, tonka, leather, white musk, skin musk, red musk, black musk, neroli, amber, tobacco, carnation, orange blossom, orchid, incense, smoke, clove, benzoin, dirt, moss, opoponax, green tea, lime, stephanotis, chrysanthemum,  oudh, saffron, iris/orris root, tuberose, honey, ylang ylang, honey, heliotr...

13 nights of halloween swap questions

Posted by theseagrows, 04 September 2014 · 306 views
circular swaps
What are your thoughts on yarn and handmade yarny things?
i don't do anything with yarn myself and i am not especially intereted in yarny things...maybe something small?
For bath and body products: do you have a bathtub or shower?
i have both but i've been showering a lot more lately and have a bunch of bath oils i haven't been using, so shower...

notes on notes.

Posted by theseagrows, 29 January 2014 · 198 views

unfamiliar notes for my reference.
Cistus essential oil is distilled from the rock rose plant, which is native to the Mediterranean region. It is more woody and herbaceous with a less-amber like aroma than labdanum, which is produced from the same plant. Cistus is used often in oriental and chypre fragrances.
Canarium luzonicu...

tastes change over time- impressions while going through my perfume in order to pare down.

Posted by theseagrows, 15 August 2013 · 230 views
testing, retrying and 1 more...
this week i started trying imps that i haven't tried in a long time, to see how much i really want to keep them. just recording my impressions here for my own knowledge.
tuesday, 8-13-13: our lady of pain : do like the orchid in this, like it better when smelled close up, but wafting around me it's mostly patchouli. swap.
8-14-13: kaidan...

collection of non-bpal bottles.

Posted by theseagrows, 01 March 2012 · 293 views

non BPAL stash...
bohémiens en voyage
madam pearl
queen crossbones
tuberose diabolique
chalice noir
cozy honey
cozy rose
gift of isis (partial)
hathor Y (partial)
queen incense (partial)
white goddess (partial)


Posted by theseagrows, 20 June 2011 · 384 views

LE 5mls
as above
benevolent triple conjunction
blossoms in springtime
burning vulva (partial)
delight and consternation (x2)
dolce stil nuovo
the ecstasy of passion
edith cushing
the emathides
eve (OLLA)
the girl
gypsy queen
harper (partial)
harvest moon 2013
hesiod's phoenix

saved from beauty secrets thread for my own reference

Posted by theseagrows, 19 April 2011 · 109 views

Pure rosehip oil. I rub it on my face every morning and night, and it keeps my skin soft and glowy.Lightly dab tea-tree& lavender oil on the dark circles on your lower orbital bones before bed.Take vitamins, including a multi/daily, at least 600 mg Calcium and a Flax/Fish/Borage oil capsule, or just Flax and Borage if you're vegetarian/vegan.olive oil, so good on hair, I like to use it once a week as a really intensive mask, I wrap my head in clingfilm and a hot towel and leave it an hour.flat beer, makes for very shiny hair.for shampooing less: I wash it with a conditioner, that has absolutely no silicones in it (they build up in the hair). I massage it really well into the scalp and the I rinse it off. I didn't go from washing every day to washing once a week at once; I gradually weaned myself off it (diluting shampoo with water first, and then stretching the number of days I could go without. Also, a cup or so of powdered milk in very hot bath water makes my skin super soft. I think it's the lactic acid in the milk, but I'm just guessing. Regardless, it really works!Daily Vitamin E with either Evening Primrose Oil or Black Current Seed Oil - the most skin compliments I've ever gotten are when I use these regularly.Baking soda to whiten your teeth.Just dip your wet toothbrush in a cup full of soda,and brush your teeth,then rinse and use your regular toothpaste.salux washcloth: I googled (in Korean) the ddae soap I mentioned a page or so back, and I found out the correct way to use it: soap up normally, then WAIT 5 or so minutes, then scrub down with Salux/Italy Towel.aspirin mask: take five or six plain aspirin (no coating) and drizzle a little witch hazel onto them (helps them dissolve easier... suppose you could use water, but I like the toning of the WH). Then pop a vitamin e capsule, mix in a couple drops of jojoba (or preferred type) of oil, and a smudge of honey. Layer on your face, leave for 20 minutes, then rinse off with a warm wash cloth. Glowing soft skin and smaller pores!pineapple mask: I like the pineapple method myself for soft skin. =) Mashed pineapple chunks, a little yogurt, some honey, voila! Instant glycolic(?) acid mask that gently exfoliates and leaves baby-butt soft skin. It's basically a smoothie for your facefor face: Primrose Oil and Blackcurrant Oils are good als...

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