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Rares I've tried! aka, OVERRATED! ;]

Posted by Alarm, 02 June 2012 · 312 views

Since I've been gotten my hands on a few "rares" occasionally, I've found that I've been shocked at how overrated some of them really are! It just makes me facepalm when I get a whiff of a famously-coveted scent and find myself to be completely disillusioned by it, haha. SO I thought I'd record all the notorious scents and my short thoughts on them:

Love's Philosophy - I was expecting it to be creamy, sweet deliciousness, but in all honesty, it just smelled kinda like plastic, or fake. I was definitely not impressed.

Plastic Pink Flamingo - Oi vey. Once again I had high hopes of sugary-scrumptiousness, but for whatever reason, it didn't smell that great at all. If anything, just smelled like... generic sweetness.

Velvet Unicorn - Nearly the exact same case as "Plastic Pink Flamingo" here as well! They both smelled incredibly similar to one another, and most pointedly in their generic sweetness, that was far from impressive.

Glowing Vulva - Albeit this was actually only huffed in its bath oil version, I trust that it smells more or less like it's oil counterpart... But on my very first sniff, I was like "Wow!" but then on repeated sniffs, it started to smell STANK up, which I attribute to the amber (I loathe ambers!)~ I kept huffing to disgust myself so I will never, ever covet "Glowing Vulva" in oil form, or else, I will just be longing away forever, haha! Hopefully I've broken myself from the desire to want the oil. But yes, overall the cream accord and amber ingredients just made my stomach churn a bit.

Storyville - I was shaking with excitement to try this! But alas when I opened the imp and greedily huffed, I nearly guffawed because it smells almost IDENTICAL to "Shub-niggurath," at least in my opinion! Granted "Shub" is one of my most FAVORITE scents EVER, but having an uber-famed "Storyville" smell pretty much the same is funny as hell, in my opinion. Hehe. In any case, I guess you could say I like this one, but only because it smells like a beloved of mine ;)

Monsterbait: Underpants - Wow, I really question how and why this is so damned famous amongst the community. Is it because of its titillating name? I don't understand. I've sniffed this one twice from two separate decants, and even slathered some on as well, and it still barely smells like anything discernible, and then at the same time, smells like plain musk, or something kinda faint. This was an incredible meh, with a healthy dose of "WTF? WHY!?" :lol:



For Winter Swap Snow Fox, entry #2

Posted by Alarm, 18 November 2011 · 137 views

Hello again :)

I love the polar bears! <3

To answer your most recent questions, anything snuggly sounds nice ^^ I can't particularly think of something specific, but maybe a scarf or blanket or something? :) Yep, my ears are pierced, and as for books I don't prefer... I guess "chick-lit" and "romance" genre fiction. And yes, most definitely love medieval and Renaissance anything! <3<3<3

A couple more things I thought about are I LOVE World of Warcraft and like the WoW TCG Loot cards :) I also love Xena, if that helps, haha....

Winter Swap Partner hint entry! ;D

Posted by Alarm, 18 November 2011 · 174 views

Helloooo out there!!! *waves* :wub2:

Thank you for the sweet card!!! Yes, bearded dragons most definitely rock and are SOOO ADORABLE! <3

In lieu of your questions, my wish lists are:



I mostly read literary fiction and young adult! :) And I most definitely can and will eat sweets of all sorts!!! <3

Thanks again and take care!!! <3 *glomps*

another daycare...

Posted by Alarm, 12 December 2007 · 214 views

It's my second year in college and nothing has gotten better about it. I feel like a frustrated girl having to put up with being in a huge daycare~ the atmosphere of tons of other young people, loud & puffing away at their cigarettes right outside dorms and classes simply makes me want to hide out in dorm room and never, ever leave. I'm not sure if I just have social anxiety or if I just simply hate being around people my age all the time... Either way, I hate it here and have no idea why I ever thought getting into college was going to solve all my problems.

Sometimes I think I might not be built for it... The whole sitting-down-and-poring-over-textbooks thing. I know exactly what I'd much rather be doing! Fiddling away time with writing letters, postcards, leveling up on World of Warcraft, carousing the internet for treasures, making my life more "green" and just... other things. I want to be close to all my loved ones - so I'm taking the first step by going back home to Charleston, SC. I have been *incrediably* lucky having Justin come to school with me, and both of us being each other's support through the shitty times we've had here at this school... but even with him here, I feel like I'm slowly going both crazy and horribly unproductive. Even now, there's only about a week left of school, and I've got FOUR papers to write!! :joy: That's a shit-ton TOO MANY FOR ME! And I just don't understand it either; I used to popped out papers like it was nothing back in high school, and even first semester here... but now I just absolutely refuse to do them... what's happened to me? Literally. What the fug is going on?? My short-term memory is going, my work ethics are blasted, and I can't even do simple, crappy bull-shit papers.


Am I technically going through an early mid-life crisis? :joy: If so, does anyone know any remedies? ^^ All I know is, as soon as my ass is back in Chucktown, I'm going to party hard (& I'm not even a party-person! Ha ha ha...!) and I'm going to pray, pray, pray that next semester works out at C of C. If not, I'm shit outta luck.

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