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Imp Hooch

Posted by Carrie, 02 May 2018 · 457 views

Bottle 1: (sweet, musky, sexy, currently labeled "Great Underpants for Womb Furie and Sinning) Great Sword of War, L'Enlèvement, Womb Furie 2012, Aelophile, Mag Mell, Sin, Solstice Scents Blueberry Violet Truffle, Arcana Bawd, Arcana Frilly Underpants, Alkemia Bohémiens en Voyage
Bottle 2: (going for orange and tobacco): SN: Sweet Orange, Centzon Totochtin, Blodughadda, Only a Sip, The Antikythera Mechanism, Kali, Dee, Possets Ego, Pumpkin IV
Bottle 3: (wanted to see if I could make Mischief wearable, currently labeled "weird") Mischief, Alkemia Carmen 7, Alkemia Echoed Ecstacy, Possets Chichicastenango, Possets Chivitavecchia, Possets Silver Carnation, Solstice Scents Rose Sugar Cardamom
Bottle 4: (based off the theme, we've lovingly dubbed this "Halloween at Heidi's") Bordello, Yipe, Haus of Gloi Risque, Sin, Perversion, Scary Cat, Alkemia Trick or Treat, Alkemia Black Magic Woman
Bottle 5: (berries, citrus, and light things): Bewitched, Bones of Capys, drop of Horny Panda, Delirium, Dead Leaves + Blackberries, Golden Priapus, The Dodo, Night-Gaunt, Dia de los Muertos 2012, Possets A Poem of Villeneuve St. Georges
Bottle 6: (Red apples and red musk) Daruma Doll, Love Me, Veil, Tushnamatay, Skuld, Ogun, The Ifrit, Bard, Autumn Cider 2011, Arcana Apples Crave Cake, WoobieBath.com Hocus Pocus

this reminds me of when The District scents came out and i mixed a drop of each of them to see if, combined, they'd be anything like Storyville.  


they so weren't.  even when i mixed in the Atmo Sprays.   also i love the title of this entry.

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